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Little*red's 3 stone off for xmas (1 down 2 to go)


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hey all,
I thought it was about time I started a diary on here to keep me motivated. So if you want to know a little about me keep reading.
I'm a 22 year old wife of one and mum of two from Scotland. I've basically spent the last two years of my life being pregnant as my little girls are only 1 year and 6 days apart. I gave birth to my youngest at the start of April, and let me tell you that having kids so close does not make for a yummy mummy :cry:.
I'm back to the weight I was before i got pregnant at the moment but i wasn't exactly thin then so I the challenge is to lose 46lb (3st 4 lb) by xmas and be a yummy mummy.

My main motivations for losing the weight are
* I just generally want to be classed as healthy and not overweight
* Hopefully starting back at uni next year and not wanting to look like a fat frump
* Having people say i'm looking fantastic

At the moment i'm not following any particular diet, mainly just making healthier choices and doing lots of exercise (tae bo). I've lost 7lb in 3 weeks but if the loss begins to plateau then i'll probably begin to follow a structured plan.

Oh well thats all for now, i've been taking pictures every week but so i'll hopefully post a before and after so for now you'll have to make do with my stats ;):

Start weight : 166lbs
Current weight: 159lbs (-7lbs)
Goal weight: 120lbs

Start BMI: 31.4 (Obese)
Current BMI: 30.1 (Obese)
Goal BMI: 22.7 (healthy)

Start measurements: 34-34-44
Current measurements: 33-32-42
Goal measurements:34-26-36

Start clothes size: 14/16
Current clothes size: 14
Goal clothes size: 10

Height: 5ft 1"
Weigh day: Saturday
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Bouncing back
Good luck on your weight loss journey!
If it helps, there's a forum on here called WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time) and we're doing a Christmas Challenge. I've set myself a 4 stone target for Christmas!!!
Keep us updated on your progress.



Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks for your support silence, i've been following your diary too, good luck on your journey :).

I should have really started this thread later a I still hadn't weighed myself today, but thats due to the fact that I caved in a weight myself on wednesday.
So I just weighed myself today and i've lost another 1lb since wednesday.
So my BMI is now 29.9 which means i've crossed the barrier from being obese to just overweight woohoo :D.

My next goal is to achieve a 1 stone loss in total so only 6lb to go. I'm gonna be tae bo'ing my ass all week!


Don't worry, be happy :)
The last few days have been a bit hectic for me so I haven't had the chance to exercise since Saturday. Sometimes i've been so exhausted that my exercise slot has been replaced with getting some shut eye. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things tomorrow. I haven't eaten any junk so i'll be very happy if i've at least stayed the same this week and any loss will be a bonus.

On the plus side my mum noticed had lost weight and my babies health visitor said I was looking really good, so it's always nice to have a little confidence boost :D.


Don't worry, be happy :)
I had to weigh myself today as i'm not going to be in the house for most of the day tomorrow. And the result is.............
a 1lb loss :party0011:

I'm really happy with that as I havent execrised all week basically just been cutting out all the junk so it's good to know that the exercise is making a difference.
Hopefully next week I can get enough time to myself to exercise.

I'm now at 157lbs (11st 3 lb) so my next goal is to make it into the 10 st.

I can't believe I've already lost 9lb it makes my main goal seem so achieveable for the 'deadline'. Yes I will be a skinny mini by xmas :D.

Current stats
Start weight : 166lbs
Current weight: 157lbs (-9lbs)
Goal weight: 120lbs

Start BMI: 31.4 (Obese)
Current BMI: 29.7 (Overweight)
Goal BMI: 22.7 (healthy)


Don't worry, be happy :)
:thankyou: charisma, its good to know someone is reading and i'm not just yapping away to myself!

Its taking me all my energy today to stop myself from having an early WI. A good point is that to WI i need to set up my Wii fit as I use the scales on that as i don't have a normal set of bathroom scales, so i won't bother.

I'm feeling quite good this week even though i haven't exercised much. I did a lot of Tae bo on Monday and because it was too intense and lack of cool down i ended up straining my shoulder, so i took a rest yestrday just in case i made it worse. I got a pilates DVD to do when i can't be as strenous. Its great i can feel my arms are really toning up now and my clothes are definatly looser:happy036:

I changed my contraceptive pill on monday so i'm a bit worried in case that might cause weight gain but i'm not starting it until friday so I can put of the worrying until next week.

I'll keep you all updated after my saturday weigh in :).


Don't worry, be happy :)
Ok so it was my weekly weigh in today so I popped on the scales earlier and the result was:


I'm really happy with this as its still more than i was expecting to lose and it was my totm. I'm so nearing to the 10st mark hopefully i can get there by next week. If i work really really hard than i could actually make it a 1 stone total loss by next week :eek:.
So far in total i've lost 11lb in roughly about 5 weeks which is working out just slightly over 2lb per week so if i continue at this pace i'm well on target for xmas time.

Also i'm quite excited that i'm going to be getting a fruit juicer (how sad!) as i want to really up my fruit and veg intake.
Now how to nag my hubby to buy me a treadmill......:p
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Don't worry, be happy :)
Just been trying to do some exercise this morning as I'm going out for a meal for DH's birthday tonight plus we had pizza for tea last night :eek:.
I felt so rubbish after eating it, and the worst part is that i dont even like pizza, but hubby had been wanting one for ages.
Should have just got a lovely chicken shish instead would have enjoyed it more and it would have been healthier.

So my exercise effort today was pretty abismal! I can't really do exercise when my kids are awake as my one year old just runs and grabs my legs all the time, or gets up to naughty things when i'm concentrating. However going out for the day with DH so hopefully all the walking will make up for my lack of effort.
I'm not expecting a huge loss this week and will be happy if i stay the same but i'm gonna push for a loss as i'll still have another 4 days to salvage any chance of one.

The other day I found my copy of Davinas power of three workout and did it on saturday night. OMG! my thighs and bum are still aching its a fantastic workout, so it looks like thats another one to get thrown into the mix. Sexy legs here i come :p.


Don't worry, be happy :)
I was a little bit naughty last night as I weighed myself on my mums scales and iwas so shocked with the result. It said Ihad lost another 3lb.
It gave me a little boost but i'm not takng it as a result because its different scales, also I had my totm last week so it was probably alljust water retention from that. At least its not a gain so it makes me happy.

Also went out for a meal on monday for DH birthday and I had chargrilled chicken and chips :sign0007: and yesterday i had some chippy chips for tea. However we went up to Aberdeen shopping yesterday and I had my youngest in the baby sling (she weights about 14lbish) and walked around for about 4 hours so hopefully that burned off some of the naughty foods.
I just realised that I don't actually keep a weekly track of how much exercise i'm doing so i'll start doing that from my next WI so I know how much exercise i'm doing when i have my biggest loses.


Don't worry, be happy :)
Weigh in 6

Thanks for your support shortie :).

Although it looks like maybe the damage has eventually been done. Today I weighed in and itsaid I had gained 1lb :( yet my mums scales are still telling me that i've lost 3lb.
I've been reading the threads on the wii fit and others have said the scales are pretty unreliable too. So the solution will be to buy a pair of normal scales and in the meantime take my mums scale reading as true cos it makes me feel better :giggle:.

So after WI 6 my stats are looking like this:
Start weight : 166lbs
Current weight: 152lbs (-14lbs)

Goal weight: 120lbs

Start BMI: 31.4 (Obese)
Current BMI: 28.7 (Obese)
Goal BMI: 22.7 (healthy)

Start measurements: 34-34-44
Current measurements: 32-32-41 (Total 7" loss)
Goal measurements:34-26-36

So my mini goals to get into the 10st and to lose 1 stone have been completed this week so better make new ones
Hopefully i'll have new scales by next and any gain won't be blamed on dodgy scale :D.
Your doing really well keep it up chick!
I would deffo invest in some decent scales, i'm doing WW and always wear the same clothes to each meeting so it doesnt affect my weigh in! But i cant help but weigh on my scales too :giggle:


Don't worry, be happy :)
Its been a fairly bad week this week exercise wise, i've been quite stressed so didnt really feel up to it. Still havent bought a new set of scales but going to tescos tommorow so i'll see what they have.
However on a more positive note I went swimming with the girls for the very first time yesterday. My sister came along to help. I can't believe i actually wore a swimming costume in public, but I actually didnt feel too bad. Hopefully we can make it a regular thing as I love getting out and about with the girlies.
It made me realised how much I love swimming, even though i'm no pro it always makes me feel really relaxed.
It gets me down sometimes that I cant regulary go and workout in a gym or pop off to the swimming as i have the girls and hubby works shifts, thats why i keep pestering him for a treadmill, ah a girl can dream!:)
You are doing great - just reading your diary, are you still following your same healthy eating plan?


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks Annie going by your ticker your doing fantastic yourself well done.
I'm still not following any set plan just portion control and cutting out junk. I guess its sort of a loose version of WW but i cant be bothered counting points :D.
Little red having just read this - we know each other! Its mrs_tommo22 from PF congratulations on he birth of your 2nd daughter!
Hope you get on well with this weight loss diary!


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hiya Sara I remember you, isn't it a small world. I hope your doing well your little Imogen looks so big now don't they grow up fast!

I'm a bit late with my weigh in this week as there wasn't really anything to report. Still haven't bought my own scales yet so used my mums yesterday. The result was that I stayed the same. I'm not unhappy about it as it means either one of two things, that i've gained muscle weight or i've hit a plateau. I'm really hoping its the former but i'll wait and see how this week goes and i'll see where to go from there.
I've been mulling over trying a vcld for a month or so to try and shift the second stone and then get the last stone on my own. I'll have to save up for a bit as the purse strings are a bit tight at the moment but hopefully I'll have enough saved up by the end of september.
I promised myself this week that i will note how much exercise i've done, and so far its zilch, but i'll be back on it tommorrow, promise ;).

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