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Little sparks of slimming happiness...

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Slimming chums...time for some Wednesday positivity!

In the grand scheme of Slimming, sometimes we overlook the little things that are really milestones on our way to Slimsville. So I'm going to champion the little things!

Mine is this...

Today I have a spark of slimming happiness because I am wearing a pair of trousers that I haven't been able to fit into in over 18 months...they were even a bit tight when I bought them...and I just got bigger!
This morning I just thought, "try them on H, doesn't matter if they don't fit, you'll get into them in a few weeks." But no...they fit TODAY!

What's making you happy today?
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Well done Hellie! Brilliant news :D

I just made a post about this, but I braved the swimming pool yesterday, wobbly bits shoved into a cozzy I bought about 10 years ago. and I'm off to the gym in about half an hour. Both of these things I wouldn't have done 6 months ago.


soon to be skinny minnie
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Well last summer i bought a pair of jeans from tesco (size 20), and i was 17st 5, they were skin tight on me, i am 16 st9 today and the jeans are loose. I know it s not a huge weightloss, but just that small amount makes all the difference. I feel great knowing that they never fitted before. Oh and knowing that i am about to do my rosmary dvd no probs shortly as last summer i would have never got through the whole thing!!
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It's great Betty! Baggy jeans are such a good feeling. Yay!


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Great thread....

Well mine is that I got my first half a stone sticker yesterday.... great achievement for me and I'm loving watching the scales go down... I only ever watch them go up lol


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I tried a dress on yesterday that I bought to wear last summer however I was too self concious to wear it. It's a really lovely long maxi dress and I was quite upset at the time that I might never be thin enough to look 'okay' in it. After trying it on yesterday, I think I'll be lucky if it isn't too baggy to wear this summer! :):D Lol.

I think that we could all do with taking a little more time to praise ourselves for what we HAVE done rather than what we haven't... (yet.) ;)
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Fantastic :)


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Oh you can tell my * week is on it's way as I have a lump in my throat reading this thread :eek:

My little bits of slimming happiness are firstly being able to wear jeans again. I haven't worn them since I was pregnant and my little boy is now 18 months. I just couldn't face going jean shopping.

Secondly I can feel my confidence coming back... which in turn is helping with my depression. I feel a little bit of the old Kimberley is returning.


Still rockin' it
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My wedding rings no longer cut into my fingers. A year ago I almost went and had them expanded, but now I am only 2 stone away from my wedding weight, so they feel a lot more comfortable.

Only little, but very significant to me.



Finding inspiration
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Great post!

I was in Sainsbury's last weekend and decided to look through the clothes. They do really nice knickers in there... £3 each or three for £7. I picked out two pair in the size that I have managed to get down to, 18 (it was 22 last year!)... decided as I found two that I liked, I may as well get the third pair for a quid more. Found a pair I liked but they only went up to size 16. So thought, sod it... I'll have them and I'll just wear them when I can. However, was dressing this morning in a rush and they were the best pair left in the drawer... so I bravely put them on. Guess what I'm wearing right now... ;) Hooray! I can now wear size 16 underpants when less than a year ago I was in size 22! :D :D :D
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
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My slimming happiness was stepping away from the chocolate muffin last week (I posted friday) and losing 2lbs this week!

I also have had to put a belt on my trousers today!!
This is a great thread!!

My slimming happiness has to be that i managed the whole boxercise class i did last night and actually felt really good afterwards. At the beginning of the year i would have been far to concious of what i looked like to do this - but i went and just really enjoyed it!!! And by the end my trousers were slipping down - i will make sure i wear more fitted ones next week!!

K xx
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:DMy slimming happiness is that I have found an exercise I really enjoy. I have been to aquafit again and really enjoyed the class.
I dont really care all the other girls are at least half my age and weight, i'm doing it for meeeeeeeeeeee:D
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So far the box of Sainsburys Taste the Difference All Butter Belgian Chocolate Shortbread in my bag are still sealed ... 5 hours in my immediate vacinity, it's a miracle !


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I like looking in the mirror and seeing that the fat on my stomach is getting noticibly less and less - that and the fact i have belt on my jeans and i have to hike them up as i walk lol!
Lovely thread.

My spark came last week when I went out shopping for the day and I had so much energy. Usually I get so tired walking around but I felt so much better and didn't ache at all.

Yay for SW!


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I am a Spinning addict!!!!! I now love taking exercise! Which is crazy to think about because I used to loathe exercise... now I realise I was doing stuff that I just didnt enjoy like Step and areobics - I stay well clear of those now!

And now I'm feeling more confident I am wearing a DRESS (!!) at work today which is quite figure-hugging and already had a compliment :)


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What made me happy today?
Being brave enough to get up on the little step stool to reach the top shelves in work! I would never have done this before my weight loss as I was afraid it wouldn't take my weight!!!

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