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Little things that lift the mood

Yesterday one of the chaps in the office next door to mine said my face looked thinner. :eek:

Today I have come to work in my smallest size 18 jeans that wouldn't quite fasten up last year. :)

It's put me in such a good mood.

What little things have happened to you to make you feel better about yourself?
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I'm enjoying having less of a muffin top going on!
Had a funny 'yay' moment the other day, I was out walking the puppy with my fiance, and my hold ups (I don't like tights) decided to stop holding as my thighs are slightly less thunderous than they used to be - it was embarrassing as I kept having to yank them up, but hey it proves the weight is coming off!
Now I bit my boyfriend's head off when he said my face looked thinner 'Of course it doesn't, I've only lost half a stone!'

But apparently Ketosis has a funny old effect on the face and makes it look thinner, don't ask me how! I guess I have that mean and hungry look *shifty eyes*

The work trousers I have on now (16) are loose, woop!

100% so far today, mind you I was so tempted to lick the bf's jam knife MMMMM JAM
I just would like the stabbing pain in my back when I get up to go 1st please-little things
I think its related to my fat ar$e not letting me lay properly in bed (I have a new mattress with 1000 springs, so thats not it)
i get up to go to the loo sharpish (like we are with this water sloshing around !)
get round the bed & it goes

so that would be nice

I think I will start another thread
things you are looking forward to when Thin
with of course a nod to the good things that you have when you are fat !
Yesterday, with the money I've saved from not buying food, I bought trainers. Proper running ones. :)

Today I've bought size 16 jeans. They don't quite fasten yet, but they're not far off. Watch this space............
Hehe will do. Depends how much I lose off me boobs though, usually when I diet they do tend to stay fairly intact - or at least they have before!

Inspired meself to go digging in the top of the wardrobe. I now have 2 pairs of 16s that go on and fasten, :) 4 that go on but don't reach yet :eek: and 1 pair that won't even pull past my bum today. :(

That actually makes me feel quite good.......:D
oh christ, it'll be months before I even think of having a dig through the boxes. Just trying to get to 'normal for me' before going forward...
Inspired meself to go digging in the top of the wardrobe. I now have 2 pairs of 16s that go on and fasten, :) 4 that go on but don't reach yet :eek: and 1 pair that won't even pull past my bum today. :(

That actually makes me feel quite good.......:D
And what I was going to say before I was so rudely interrupted by my laptop battery from running out - blimey woman, you've hoarded more jeans than I have!!
LOL, current count is 1x12, 2x14, 7x16, 8x18, 4x20 and 1x22. :eek: And that doesn't include shorts, combats or trackie bottoms.........:whoopass:


Chronic dieter!!!
I've kept all my "skinny" clothes, including my much treasured size 10 summer dress that i got in oz, but i can't wait to throw away my only size 16 trousers - i refused to buy anything else in size 16 (they are quite a thin pair of slacks and easily dry overnight :D ) and when they too became tight i started wearing stretchy trousers!!! So even though i am technically a size 18, i don't have any clothes in size 18 and refuse to buy any!
we all do that

Miss D, I have 26inch waist Levi jeans in a suitcase in the loft

all the cheap slimmer clothes I took to the charity shops, but the favourites are in bin liners in the spare room now
after spending some time in the bottom of my wardrobe where I started a (large) pile when I tried them on each morning
I had one of these moments yesterday - I went to clarks to try on knee high boots - before Christmas I couldn't do the zips up on the wide fit boots, but yesterday I could not only do them up, but I could also get my hand in the side of them! Unfortunately my calves are still too big for the standard fit, so I didn't make a purchase, but I still left with a smile on my face!
Ahh being able to wear my skinny fit jeans without them giving me that achey feeling in my stomach from being too tight or them nipping under my arse! Already noticed a decrease in the old muffin top! Yehhh
Today I am sitting at my desk at work in a pair of "medium" size 16s, in comfort. :)

This morning when I got up the OH (who is currently ill in bed with a kidney stone :() looked at me as I was getting dressed and said "wow, you really are getting your figure back now." :D

Am pretty tired and stressed at the moment as he isn't sleeping cos of the pain so I'm not getting much kip either, but that really made me feel better about myself. :patback:


Hi Yambabe,

Hope your day gets even better....sounds as though you are doing absolutely brilliant.....despite what ever else life is throwing at you.

Shaz x
I second what Shaz said :)

Other things to help lift the mood...crashing through another stone marker! This morning I said hello to the 12's, haven't seem them in a few years :D

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