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LittleRomanys Food Diary


Can't wait to have 1 chin
May as well give this a go !

Didn't get up til 12.30 so missed breakfast !

Went to my sisters, white coffee with 2 sugars-3pp

Lunch- creamy cheese pasta mug shot-8pp

Tea-Savory mince , rice & peas- 21pp (!)

Diet coke & water all day

Prob have a few tic tacs tonight lol

31 of my 32 daily pp used
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You're so cute :) always worrying :) you know you can do it, pre plan and track what you eat. That's the key xx

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Can't wait to have 1 chin

3 scrambled egg whites with salt & pepper-2pp
White coffee (tiny splash off milk) with sweeteners-2pp

LUNCH, didn't fancy much so......
1 slice of best of both toasted (plain)-2pp
2 malted milk-4pp

Spicy skinny soup (rank!)-8pp
4 slices best of both-8pp

Will be having 50g of revels later-7pp (i worked out 100g then half points, came out at 6.5pp so i rounded it up to 7pp)

Used all 32 of daily point
Used 1 weekly

This isn't as hard as i thought !


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Thanks jojo ! i just can't believe i'm going to loose weight lol
hi hunny...ur doin well.... its great when u can eat a little of anything..im enjoyin it very much....feel good about this diet this time! x little of what u fancy eh! xx


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I know, its amazing !

I still haven't got my head round the fact that i'm losing weight this way, i honestly can't believe i'm going to get thin this way !
i was like that and last week i did 4.5lb!!! whoopi!...but got a long way to go but im takin it half a stone at a time x....keep up the fab work luv...add me on face book if u like x


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Whoa ! thats amazing ! well done you!

i'll pm you my name for fb
Hey lovely

Found ur diary! U are defo gonna lose weight :) xx


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Really ? do you think i'm making ok choices or could i be a bit more adventureous (sp?)
I think u can be as adventurous or as safe as you like - just avoid getting bored :) u will be fab! Write a list of your fave meals and I will see if I can find low pp versions for u :) xx


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I eat pretty much anything ! lol any recipe will be much appriciated !

I added you on fb btw :)
I make chicken skewers - marinade chicken in lemon juice, paprika, thyme or mixed herbs and garlic (lazy garlic or lazy chilli is the best invention ever!)

I always make all my wedges or chips with fry light on a mesh tray from home bargains - depending on the meal I sprinkle with salt n pepper before cooking or BBQ spice...

I also make tomato chicken with ketchup (2tbsp = 1pp) and brown sugar (3tsps =3pp), water (2tbsp), vinegar (1tbsp), worcestershire sauce (1/2 tsp) and onion and a chicken breast = 8pp with rice or taties

I love pizzas made on warburtons wraps (4pp each) with pasata (free -I cook with pasata all time!) and put cheese or mozarella on and whatever topping...

I also like breaded fish portions for 6pp which are handy or breaded kievs are 8pp...

Good luck xx


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Urgh, crappy day today, been feeling hungry for the 1st time :(

Cup of coffee at friends(with sugar)-3pp

Tin of Heinz Beef Ravioli-8pp
2 x Malted Milk-4pp

Baked Spud-9pp (!)
2 x Sausages-6pp
100g Light Sweetcorn-2pp

Will be having 2 choc weetabix later with ss milk-5pp

Used all 32 of daily pp
Used 5 of weekly pp
44 weekly pp left


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Grrrrrrrr i want to move that friggin ticker SO bad !!!!

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