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Dance the positive spin..
kered said:
Anyone fancy joining a live chat conversation one night........might be easier instead of going into each others threads to have a laugh etc.
I'd be up for that...


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yup, am up for that for defo!
We get so many conversations going in all our threads its hard to keep up - especially after a few drinkies! :giggle:


Gold Member
No, I didnt look for it last night Starlight, too many vodka's, but I will have a look after and see if I can find it.


Back to reality!
Me too! Last night was a right giggle!


Silver Member
I enjoyed it too although I didn't say much, was fun reading it all! You guys are great :) x x


maintaining since June'09
I'm up for that when I'm around :) .... AND not drinking tonight so may actually make some sense! :eek: xx


maintaining since June'09
I assume we'll go in the Lipotrim room? x


Back to reality!
Shall we set it up then? Will probably do it and have nothing to talk about!!


maintaining since June'09
What time?? x


Back to reality!
I am around tonight- Not sure about everyone else? Is Tan working?


Back to reality!
I don't like that it takes you away from the main mm's page though.


maintaining since June'09
I popped in to see what pages there are now. You can't stay in there and on here though - not a prob really as long as we know. I'll be in and out personally. I think Tan IS working but she doesn't go till about 12.30 :) xx

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