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live up to the name diary :)

Well my screen name is HotMess6 and my friends say that song is so mine but why do I only feel the mess part fits? :p

I want to be HOT. I've made many blogs on my pursuit of it but they all failed. No motivation etc. Maybe posting here will help...

I want to post my daily intake and outtake. I now have a gym membership and am taking on a healthier diet. Aiming for 1200 calories and definitely no more than 1500. Not a huge deal if I am eating healthier meals in which I have recently found a love for :)

So I lost 23 pounds in a month at the beginning of this year bringing me down from 158 to 135(diagnosed with EDNOS) but have since became healthier a bit and gained back 9 pounds making me 144(some of which gained is muscle weight). My main goal is to love the person I look at in the mirror and be much more fit. I know have a more accurate digital scale(that's the one that said I am 144 the other two numbers were taken on a less accurate scale).

So for my fresh start...

----Start Stats----
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 144lbs
BMI: 22.6
Bicep: 10
Forearm: 8.75
Waist: 30.5
Thigh: 22
Calf: 14.5
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80 Wheat Waffles
30 Sugar Free Syrup
90 SL Wheat Bread
90 Fat Free Milk
290 for brunch.

Now to the gym.[Scratch that, sudden emergency prevented it. Will try and do a workout dvd]

200 Chicken Breast 4oz
30 Fat Free Ranch
30 Cup of Okra
170 Bollilo Roll
80 Sherbet Cup
100 Cookie Snack
900 for the day so far
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100 Cheesy Eggs
160 Fat Free Milk
150 Veg Bacon

110 Waffles and Syrup
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Heya, well done for losing so much weigh already, I ohpe that this site helps :)
Best wishes.
Thank you! :)

Now as for the last few days they have been pretty hectic. Today I should be back on schedule and be able to hit the gym hard tonight and or at noon. Please ignore the calorie counts and such on the previous posts as there was stuff in addition not listed due to a family emergency on one day and trying to keep BED at ease.

120 Fat Free Milk 1.5c
60 Small Apple
95 Peanut Butter
90 SL Wheat Bread

Breaded Chicken Strips - 200
Salad - 50
Corn on the Cob - 150
Skinny Cow - 140

Squash and Okra - 30
"Crab" Legs - 60
Half Bolillio - 100

Before that I worked out and did 250 calories on the xtrainer and then 100 on the elliptical. Also got a chance to do some of the weight machines and presses. Amazing stuff and ugh I am in love with my biceps and toned thigh to buttocks area.

After dinner I went to the CT Festival and rode some rides and then had a candy apple as well as a tid bit of my friends cotton candy. Wasn't much and thank god it wasn't too many calories.

Candy Apple - 215
Cotton Candy - 50

It just passed midnight and for the last bit of my cravings yesterday I had:

SL Wheat Bread - 90

With some spray butter and spices(0 calories).

Days Total Intake:1330
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Bunch of junk before I went to bed. Grr. How about 500 cals?

Lean Cuisine Breakfast - 270
Milk - 80

Hit the gym. Did elliptical, cross trainer, stationary bike, as well as some small workouts on the mat. 350 burnt on the machines.

Yogurt - 80

Also, my lovely mother bought me a ProForm cardio cross trainer this morning!!! :D Big hugs to her!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention I did a quick weigh in at the gym...141.5 pounds...decent? :)

Lunch was:
Lean Cuisine Meal - 160
SL Wheat Bread - 90

Dinner can't go over 320!
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Uhhh, so sick of BED. It's killing me no doubt. I just wish there was a quick cure for it. :(

I need something new and something fresh. Let the 4th of July give me a new start of something...

Here's my rules of my new diet like thing.
-Each 24 hour set starts and ends at 3am(I stay up later than that usually but I think that is the best time to go with for now).
-A 1000 calorie allowance on days I don't meet exercise burn and 1500 calories on days I meet exercise burn. The exercise burn must be 500 calories or more.
-The exercise burn must be done everyday except Saturday.
-88.2g of protein needed and 200g of carbs.

Must follow for 21 days straight now.

And yes I now notice this blog belongs in the CC blogs but I hadn't discovered that section until after I started using this one. Oh well I suppose :p


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Hey hun :)
You're doing well, don't be too hard on yourself.
I'm just gona say, exercising 6 days a week is a pretty high goal, just be sure to not hurt yourself or burn yourself out.
Best wishes :)
Nah I know I can easily do it if I get up a bit of motivation. With no real job(well the one I have burns tons of cals but weather permitted), no school, and access to a gym and swimming pool as well as a home gym I'm set. Not to mention a huge selection of new dvd's I have been dying to try. Over the past few months I have learned to enjoy it and it feels great. But indeed, thank you :)


Grilled Shrimp - 77
Broccoli - 60
Wheat Dinner Roll - 80

100 cal pack cookies
80 milk

*Days Total=1142

Workout time!
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Haha fair enough. I'm with you, I've half way into a 4motnth long summer holiday for uni so and living in a town where i literally know noone, so going to the gym is the highlight of my day....sad isnt it.

What job do you do? Please say a farmer, lol....although I guess they go out in all weathers.
Ha I know the feeling there! I guess going to the gym beats sitting around at home or getting into trouble, plus you get to meet some new people there.

Lol close but nope. I have 3 horses of my own to train for summer shows as well as training a few other boarders horses.


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Oh awesome! That must be cool, and good for you, lol.
Yep =]
For tomorrow...
Dinner Plan
Breakfast: Waffles for 140, syrup for 30, banana for 100, and a protein shake for 120.
Snack:protein drink for 40
Lunch: Lean Cuisine for 300
Snack: Protein Drink for 40
Dinner: Grilled Shrimp for 77, wheat roll for 80, and okra/squash for 40.
Dessert: Sherbet for 80.

Gym Plan:
Elliptical - 20
Treadmill - 20
Weights - 10
Bike - 10

Oh and as for the last few days...they've been crazy. I did great on 4th of July and stayed under 1000 calories surprisingly which meant no gym though since we celebrated. 5th and 6th went well. Had amazing workouts and stayed in calorie goals. Then yesterday I woke up feeling awful with horrible cramps(and I mean it felt like the the flu!). I ate some breakfast and went to the gym to try and tough it out but only burnt 300 calories before it got to the point I thought I was going to faint or throw up. I prefer to leave the gym when it starts to feel bad...keeps the place a happy place lol. Then in the evening I went swimming for 2hours with my mother. I ate like a pig though :( Oh well. Getting back on track for the 8th though.

Weighed in today at 141.5 still that's water retention weight included.
Protein Shake - 120
Waffles - 140
Syrup - 30
Beef Jerky Pack - 130
Veg Bacon - 120
Cheesy Egg Whites - 55
SL Wheat Toast - 90

Heading to the gym in a little bit. Will have a protein drink mix after for 40.


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Heya, hope that you're feeling better now hun; you were right not to push yourself too hard.
Best wishes.
Found a bunch of calculators online and did some more research. Based on my height, weight, and sedentary lifestyle I need around 2400 calories daily to maintain my weight. One stated that to lose a pound a week you can reduce that calorie intake by 250 calories and burn 250 extra calories to do so. Well that makes complete sense considering there is 3500 calories in a pound and that's how many calories would be off of your weekly net calories. I then went further on to adjust to how much I would be comfortably with doing and losing and here is what kind of plan I got.

Sunday: 1600 cals, Weight Training, 400 cals burned
Monday: 1600 cals, 400 cals burned
Tuesday: 1600 cals
Wednesday: 1600 cals, Weight Training, 400 cals burned
Thursday: 1600 cals, 400 cals burned
Friday: 1600 cals, 400 cals burned
Saturday: 1600 cals

Scientifically figuring that would be about a 2.2 pound loss a week. I'd be quite happy with that and it would be much easier and organized than before. Of course the weight training part is my personal choice and has nothing to do with all the calculations.

Anyways here's what went on yesterday and today's stuff...
July 9
Total Calorie Intake: 1520
40 minutes of elliptical for a bit over 400 calories.

July 10
Total Calorie Intake: 1657

Yeah who knew a Campfire Blast at Sonic is 877 calories. Uhh I didn't till after I ordered, consumed, and returned home to look it up. Stupid cravings on an empty stomach. Oh well atleast I worked my meals around it for the rest of the day and only went over by 57 calories which was probably burnt off chasing my horses around in the arena. Yes chasing. They were super lazy and I needed them to work so I can ride with a friend tomorrow.
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Heya, hope that you're feeling better now hun; you were right not to push yourself too hard.
Best wishes.
Thank you! I'm feeling a bit better. The day before last I got pretty sick out of nowhere and had to sleep it off so hopefully whatever junk I had is out of my system now.


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Glad that you're feeing better :)

That maths is pretty good, it's made that 1lb is that many calories! It puts it all in prespective doesnt it.

Hope you have a good week :)
Will be fasting today(the 15th). Also going to try some workouts dvd's of Jillians.

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