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LIVING IN DUBAI - Qs about the culture!


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Can any of u lovely people tell me what a westerner could expect if they were to live in dubai? i dont know anyone who has been there or lived there so I hope one of u lot would be able to fill in the blanks lol.

hubby might have the opportunity to move us all out to dubai for a couple of years with his company but b4 we show any real interest, we wanted to know what to expect in terms of....

how would i be treated as a woman?
would i have to dress differently or behave differently?
would i get away with always speaking english?
how would my children be expected to be?
cost of living?

i think this would be an amazing opportunity of it ever really happens but as i said, we dont want to be too keen yet until we know what to expect :) any insight would be greatly appriciated

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lol! yeah he was offered to maybe move to china and i wasnt impressed but quite fancy the idea of dubai!! as long as i wont be expect to give up drink and being able to wear what i like! hehe


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its a huge "IF" and "MAYBE" matey. the upshot is....his company are making their new HQ in dubai...there are some outside investors with deep pockets and they are offering anyone to go. fully subsidised living arrangements if it happens and could start to happen as soon as xmas.

the private international schools r dead expensive and we'd only be willing to go if they paid that too. it'd amount to about £20,000 a year for our 3 kids. plus kevins wages would have to be pretty darn good as well. the tax free element of wages is very appealing but its all still a massive "maybe!"

kevin is going to be speaking with the owner tomorrow and asking all the right questions. will let u know how it goes :)
lol! yeah he was offered to maybe move to china and i wasnt impressed but quite fancy the idea of dubai!! as long as i wont be expect to give up drink and being able to wear what i like! hehe
You won't have to give anything up. It's a muslim country, but it quite western also.


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thanks CC :) i know its very westernised but at the same time i was a bit worried about job prospects and stuff. ive done a bit of reading and think i will be around more americans and brits than i am now by the looks of it! maybe i'll get myself a job in "dubailand" as thats meant to be the biggest theme park in the world once its open. my kids would think i was the best mum on earth lol


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great, thanks irene. will definately buy a copy in a while. xx


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I have a friend who lives in Dubai. He has a good job and lives in luxury apparently. He has invited me over a couple of times to stay in his 3 bedroom villa with pool!! He said there are thousands of Brits there and it is very westernised. I asked about the muslim aspect of the country ie. women's dress and they don't wear veils etc and they wear westernised clothes. There are job opportunities there, especially clerical, as I was looking through an agency to see what was going. Emirates (the airline) also have lots of clerical vacancies if that is your field of work.


PS - Wish it was me - I'd jump at the chance. Good luck


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My husband is working over there at the minute. I wish they would re-locate me and daughter as well. Like you said the schooling is expensive if you have to pay for it yourself but if its included that's great.

Our friend works for one of the princes (racing horses) and his children go to private school and its meant to be fab!!!

I haven't had the chance to go yet but am going in October.

I think with regards to alcohol etc, there are many places to go for a drink/meal but you need a license to go and buy alcohol from a shop and also during ramadam (October sometime this year), you can't be seen to be eating during daylight hours, restaurants close the blinds if you are eating!!

If you want any more specific answers I will try my best but like I said I haven't actually been yet.

By the way what line of work is your hubby in!!!

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