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living to eat or eating to live?

Well guys, as someone who basically lived to eat I'm trying a different approach. Hardly revolutionary but I'm only going to eat when I'm actually hungry. No eating just because it's a mealtime and everyone else is eating; no boredom eating, or eating something just because I like the taste. No more eating to stuff down emotions.

I'm only going to eat because I'm hungry.
I feel this is a very positive step for me, although it might look obvious to anyone else. Anyone want to join me?!
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I will have to join you on this one. If I remember. I think this will really help my weight loss, the amount of food I eat because 'it's there' is ridiculous.

Cravings and hunger are not the same!!! I neeed to remember this!

Mrs V

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Oh yes, Im with you on this one!
This is why I had my band fitted. Even after eating an all you can eat buffet within 20 mins I would be looking through the fridge and cupboards as I was "peckish".


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Do what you've always done, get what you always get.

I know I have to change some things up if I am going to do this and stay at a health weight. I cannot do what I have always done in the past. :eek:
I can barely believe it. Merely hours after I started this thread I have eaten when not hungry! I am tired after a night shift - always a dangerous time when I'm so tired - it sets the cravings off. Don't get me wrong, all I've had is on plan but I intended NOT to eat if not actually hungry. This is where the HALT for addicts comes in (and I'm a food addict) - watch out for being Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

I just have to persevere...:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:


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I'm afraid I'm the opposite. Until my late 20s I had no interest in food, and very much ate to live. Especially through my teens I would often go two or three days with only, say, a bowl of plain pasta a day, or a couple of slices of bread. Not dieting( didn't really need to then), just really not giving a sh*t about food. By my mid-late 20s I realised that THAT was why I'd gained so much weight over the years. I wasn't eating nearly enough, espeically as I'm always on the go, too. Once I started SW I began to appreciate foods and enjoy them. I was finally living to eat and thinking about food 24/7! lol And, ironically, that;s how I've lost three stone, so far. Occsionally I slip back into not thinking enough about food, and then going back to not really eating for a few days and that VERY much slows down my weight loss. But thanks to SW, once I realise this, I can focus on food again and live to eat for a while longer! lol

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