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Living with a unhealthy family whilst on CD!!

My family are bigger eaters as well as unhealthy, just wondering if anyone's got any advice how to keep on the straight and narrow, I've given in twice now, and it's really starting to do my head in now!!

I'm due to move out in week or so but I think by then i would of giving up hope of sticking to it :(
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Strong women stay slim
Just try not to be around them when they eat , and if its often then theres not much you can do , but maybe turn the thinking around to say well that could of been me but i've had awake call and this is what I don't want . so really use it to think this was once me but no longer .
are you moving out because of this ?


Strong women stay slim
Good luck and wise move .
how is the diet going ?
You should get alot of weight of being a man .


Strong women stay slim
I know it would be great to keep getting the big loses but your still losing by staying 100% no matter what the scales tell you .
The scales can really make people down .
So your on 4 packs aday ? do you have a bar or just shakes ?


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Wow, you are doing great so hang on in there. My family are unhealthy eaters too so I know it is hard when I go home as they NEED to feed me!!
I always say I've just eten or that I bought my own stuff but they just don't get it. They try though.
Keep strong as not long now and then you can carry on with your fantastic weight loss.
Good luck! x
Nobody understands how hard it actually is..
Gave in last night and had pizza, big mistake!!!
I'm on 2 shakes 1 cartoon 1 bar, but thinking of giving the bar and cartoon up as they dont really do anything for me!! One of the shakes I make into a moose, which is pretty good as I miss using a spoon/fork :)
Have you had a look at the All About W8 site? They do 'meals' as well as shakes and soups. I tend to have porridge, a soup, sphagetti bolognaise and a shake each day. Not very filling - but most people don't feel hungry in ketosis and at least some of it is similar to real food!


Strong women stay slim
Me too i have spag bowl from w8 . i know its hard sticking to this crazy vlcd and the pizza was trying you and you broke in the end , only human ... think of it like this you've come so far now rethink of the end results and go back to the diet , maybe drop one of the shakes and have chicken with green veg .... slice a chicken fillet up and fry it in water slowly .
You can buy the spaghetti bol and other VLCD type meals cheaper on Avidlite and Low Carb Megastore websites. They are all made in the same factory in France under different brand names. If you buy them as part of a named diet they are way more expensive!

None contain meat so even vegetarians can eat them.
Know this feeling, I try and walk around meal times to be away from the food/smell of it!!
And you are downright rude!!! For such a new member maybe you should take time to read the rules of this forum instead of insulting people

It very clearly says in the 100% forum

Cambridge Diet 100% Posts! The Cambridge Diet 100% Forum is for posts from those following any of the Cambridge plans 100% - this includes SS+, 810 and upwards. No cheats, blips or non-legal food talk is allowed in this section. Any posts containing talk of cheats, blips or non legal food will be moved.

This section was created at the request of members of Minimins and people expect the rules to be followed, it actually bothers people when food is mentioned there posts are regularly flagged up to Moderators to be moved

I suggest if youre finding the rules of this forum not to your liking that you reconsider your membership
Crikey! Is everyone suffering withdrawal symptoms ;)

Sorry.......in a remarkably good mood today! :D

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