LK Today LL woman from daily mail


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Is anyone else watching this at the moment? The woman who complained about losing her memory etc because of LL is on there. Sorry for sounding cynical but I think she's just holding a grudge because she's not managed to maintain the weight loss! She seems perfectly healthy to me other than the weight! Even LK Today doctor says the side effects she's discribing have never been documented before!
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nearly there!! :)
awh crap think i missed it!! raging!!


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I watched it and was really angry with her at first, and them for just having this one persons opinion. But when Dr Hilary started bigging it up I was thrilled. I think you ar right she is bitter, she obviously never followed the ll plan correctly or else she wouldnt have put all the weight back on. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and its a shame this has happened o her but to blame LL is absurd, fortunately as Dr Hilary backed up. xxx


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And she is probably selling her story & making appearances of TV shows - to make MONEY!!!!!!!

I know alot of people don't approve of VLCD - thats fine, thats their opinion. But if people want to diet, isn't it better they get all their vitamins & minerals etc which you get from diets like CD LL. In my opinion it is alot easier to follow a diet, if my just have to add water to our packs, after all their is an increase in obesity (people moan about the cost on the NHS, they also like to criticise diets.) I think one of the reasons is for the increase in obesity is our lack of time, ready-made & take-away food is very popular & we don't have money like celebs to have personal chefs & nutrientists on hand.

I think we all realise in the long-term we will have to control & maintain our weight through healthy eating & exercise. But if we spent years losing a few stone, I think alot of people would give up.

I hope that woman on GMTV hasn't put off many people who are thinking of joining LL or CD etc. People should me encouraged & not criticised for deciding to take a positive step & loose weight.


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Yeah - can't normally stand that creepy Dr.Hilary but I have a new found respect for him after he supported these type of diets - fantastic!

Yeah, she did seem a bit bitter and twisted, and obviously playing up to the camera!!


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.... and lets face it Lorraine Kelly is a bit of a wet fart so she would have an attitude like that!