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I started on July 1st - have my first weigh in tonight!
Good luck with your journey, thanks for starting the thread.
hiya peony

good luck for tonight hun let us know how you do x
Hiya, I'm Laura and started yesterday! So I've got a week to go before my first weigh in :) Fingers crossed though, day one hasn't been too bad. xx
hi laura

glad you have been ok today what shakes did you have today how did your day start ?

let us know your weight loss at your drop in good luck hun x


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wow! i LOST 11lb on my first weigh in!!!!! I am on cloud 9. Good luck with your first weigh ins
Peony thats excellent well done you for sticking with it and you got the results you deserved do you feel like you have lost that much and did you suffer at all on your first week? Take care hun and again well done x


is Magdalicious
Hi girlies.
Just poping in from the June starters to wish you all good luck!
Exactly a month ago i was as terrified and excited as you!
Just embrace it ladies and enjoy the journey. You'd be amazed what this diet can do for you in so many ways!
All the best!
I started this week too, haven't actually picked up any scales yet though!


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Thanks Sam :)
I knew I had lost some because I clothes were already a bit looser. Didn't expect 11lbs though, was really pleased.

I did have quite a rough first week, think it was carb withdrawal - unbelieveable headaches and also felt nauseous and so exhausted. But by day 5 the cloud lifted and I felt great again (thank heavens!).

Never felt hungry, was just the headache that really made it hard. Some women in my group sailed through their first week full of energy and feeling great. One still feels exhausted and has felt really hungry so I guess everyone is different.

You are a couple of days in now, how are you getting on?

thanks magiclove x x x
hi there july starters
i'm excited for you guys - it only seems like yesterday since i started (january) the months have flown by and i'm just about getting used to life as a slim person for the first time ever- its great!

LL is fab - and stick around here too as the support is great and really helped me to stay on track

daisy x
Thanks daisy

i cant wait to feel thin it must be liberating x

and peony iv not started yet i start this thursay on the 9th i feel sick with the wait i know im gonna be one of the sufferes as my husband says if its going to happen to some one it will be me lol x i know come friday luch time im gonna need you ladies x
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Enjoying life!
Hey July starters and welcome to Minimins and LL!

I started the June Starters thread when I started the foodpacks even thought I started the therapy in May!

I am so excited for you all!

Kat xx


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hi - im mel,

i started today too....im excited and scared!!! mainly about the 1st 4 days!!!! im just starting to get a headache...so im off to take a pill and get out of the house. im determined to do this, and with about 8-10 stone to loose, its going to be a long road!!


Enjoying life!
You can do it Mel! 4 days is nothing in the grand scheme of things and day 1 is almost over ;o)

Make sure you drink plenty of water!

Kat xx


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thanks - i just keep thinking,food will be there when i get back, and hopefully ill controlit, instead of it controlling me!!

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