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LL, Ovulation, Babies, some o/t soul searching....

I've had a roller coaster few days - 3 solid days of baking and decorating 200 wedding cakes, the wedding, a funeral, visiting family, WI tonight - lost 100g :confused::(, etc etc.

And tonight Mr Snorks has told me that he is ready to try for another child :cry:. He knows I've been desperate to try again and he finally has his head around it. We've had lots of hugs and tears this evening but....

Now my head is fecked! What do I do? Continue in Developers until I reach goal and then RTM before even thinking about falling pregnant? Or just seize the day and go for it, and then deal with LL when/if it happens? It took us 5 long years and a lot of heartache to get my son.

Also I need medication to get pregnant as I don't ovulate normally. I have no idea whether I'd need to get referred to the hospital again or if my GP would prescribe it for me. I guess a referral could take months and months again so maybe I should get the ball rolling sooner rather than later? :confused: Have any of you ladies noticed any changes in your ovulation from being on LL?

I know that my periods have returned and seem regular since I've lost weight so I have a lot to thank LL for already. I'm honestly aching to have another child and don't want to put it off much longer especially given my history. But at the same time, I've made an investment in LL and I don't want to waste that and end up where I started - or worse.

My head is saying continue with LL until the new year (or until I reach goal) and go through RTM. My heart is most definitely saying that I need to be pregnant and have a child. My bank account is saying do neither LOL.

Does anyone have any wise words for me?
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Oh my! If you've had so much trouble in the past, after your wonderful weightloss, why don't you let Mother Nature take it's course for a while and see what happens? If you are lucky enough to fall pregnant, so be it. You don't have to 'eat for two' or not exercise. You know the healthy things to do now and don't have to pile the weight back on.

A very hard and personal choice, best of luck!!
I do know that being on LL can make you more fertile (two people from my group have become prgnant whilst doing it) Who knows, it could be that you don't need medical intervention and it might happen naturally anyway. I'd say start trying the natural way until you've reached your goal and if you've not had any success by then, start your treatment (although I know it can take months for these things to get started)
That's just what I'd do but it's only an opinion. I hope whatever choice you make, it makes you happy. Just think of all the calories you can burn off 'trying'!! xxx
I agree with Foxtrot and Round Rachel. Keep on LL and just don't use protection and see what happens. You can over think these things.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
This is such a personal choice - I would definitely put having a child first. So I'd get the ball rolling on the referral (and talk to the GP at the same time), start trying the natural way, and not come off LL until I absolutely had to.

It also might be worth asking your counsellor if you can do the refreshers RTM as it's only 4 weeks to prepare you for eating, and then when you come back to lose the rest of your weight, do the full 12 week RTM.

You've done so well so far, its such a shame to stop now. But, only you know your priorities. Whatever decision you make, there's no wrong decision and there'll always be support on minimins.

Good luck x

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