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LL to exante

Hi everyone need some advice please from those who have gone from LLT to Exante.
Bit of background - I started LL in feb and after 14 weeks gave lost 4 stone, however following a drop in blood pressure this week the doctor has said I need to move to light. I still have 2 stone I want to lose and am happy to continue on the shakes and small meal for as long as it takes to get there.
Now our LLC is quite novice and to be honest I've gotten more value from buying CBT books and studying on it myself, plus forums etc. With this in mind I wondered about switching to exante as a) it's cheaper and b) if I'm not getting anything out the classes there is no point using them.
I was wondering how the shakes differ in taste and flavours as the website looks quite rigid in what you get in a bumper box etc - I can't stand mushrooms for example and I don't want the bars as they look like they fit low carb.
Could anyone who made the switch from LL offer some advice perhaps?

Thanks a million
CP xxxx
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Hi Cornishpixie, haven't done the switch over but the soups and shakes on here are very tasty, they are quick creamy. I don't like mushroom either but the soup wasn't the worst in fact i'm having it again today. Not keen on the choc shake either but hey ho it's very cheap and be worth it for the weight loss. Congratulations on your weight loss so far - let us know if you decide to join the "team exante"....

Hi CP. I haven't switched directly, but I have done LL in the past - a few years ago. From what I remember, the shakes and soups are fairly similar. Perhaps a little less sweet on exante, but that suits my tastes. The thing I don't like is the bars - there are only 2 options and they're very different to the LL ones in taste and texture. I've bought myself some other bars - Tesco Ultraslim, which have very similar content in terms of cals, carbs, and vits&mins. They are VERY nice! And you can also have Asda meal replacement bars, or Biggest Loser bars - there are plenty of threads about these on the forum.
Overall, I found LL worked for me temporarily. I lost alot, but put it back on. I don't think their version of CBT works - I felt the same that I didn't get my money's worth from my counsellor. I've since paid for proper CBT counselling, and it was SO much better. Expensive, but has really helped me begin changing my attitude to food.
Using exante is preferable in my opinion because you save aLOT of money and you can get help with your food issues elsewhere. I've just bought the Beck Diet Solution book which uses CBT strategies to 'think like a thin person'.
So all in all, if you think you can do it alone with a weekly group WI, then Exante is muuuuuuuuuuch better!
Hope this helps x
*withOUT a weekly group WI!
Hi everyone!! Me and a good friend I have made at LL have gone rogue and switched to exante!! I just think if our classes werent so unstructured I would have stayed. But our LLC just is too novice. Ordered the 3 water flavours abd the bumper box of shakes. No bars as I'm having a meal each day too. Were going to meet up every Monday as usual for an hour to do CBT, and chat and weigh in. Excited to get the last two stone off. If I can blitz it by my holiday end of august I'll be a super happy bunny.

Thanks for all your advice xxx
Well done Cornishpixie i'm sure you'll get on fab, good idea to meet up and weigh in together will keep you both motivated.

Definitely, we now have a private FB group too, plus multiple CBT books which i thoroughly recommend from classes. The 2st wont take long to come off, its just weird incorporating a meal a day when the last 13 weeks have had nothing.

any recommendations as to the shakes and bars? I think we ordered one of each bar just to try them, however I read that a lot of exante people use different branded bars? Would love to hear what your tips are! xx

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