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I am still in my first week of LL, which I am glad to say is going better than I thought it would - and never realised I had such good will power.

Anyway, I am comitted to this diet and have three stone to loose, but am going on hols in 7 weeks. From the beginning I had always thought that if I lost at least a stone by holiday then I would be very happy and that I would have a week off the programme to enjoy the break. I know this is probably not the best way to do things but i it was just me and my hubby then I could definitely stick to the diet, however it is our friends 40th birthday's and there are 10 of us going and I really want to enjoy a drink with them and fully enjoy my holiday.....

So does anyone have any wise words about coming off the LL programme for a week - or if there are ways to combine it with some food and drink. I am not concerned if I put on a bit of the weight I loose over the next few weeks, as I know that the day I get back is the day I go back to the programme for the final month.

Can anyone give me any advice ...
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I stayed on LL through Christmas, New Year, my birthday, foundation and a couple of months of development. However, in March I had to go to Japan for work (and play). I was there 3 weeks and came off LL 3 weeks previously to that to do a mini-maintenance.

I pledged to go straight back on packs on my return. I have to say it has been bloody bloody difficult. First attempt - I got to day 5 and cracked - I was so miserable and hungry. This time I've been back on packs now for 2 and a half weeks - but even then I fell off the wagon on one occasion and I'm finding it VERY hard to resist. The big problem for me is that falling off the wagon means major bingeing. When I came off on the mini-maintenance I, mostly, managed it in a controlled manner.

So personally I would just be aware that it is much more difficult 2nd time around. Everyone says it, I've read it on here a number of times, but I couldn't really understand why it would be the case until now. It's as my counsellor says, you can go back on but you can never be a virgin again!! :D

I'm not saying don't come off the packs - I don't think I would have changed my decision about Japan - I was staying in people's houses whilst there and I had already lost the majority of my weight and wanted to fully participate, it wasn't really an option for me to stay on as far as I'm concerned - but a large part of me really wishes I hadn't had to come off either.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. You might well feel very differently about your holiday when it arrives! :)
Hi Ya,

I just read your diary and it's great, really helpful. You look bloody brilliant so keep going !!

Very interested to see the next installment and hope we can keep in touch as we sound very simular.
I am going away in less than 2 weeks, and despite having 13lbs to lose before reaching my goal, I am beginning to feel happy about myself, and am going to start a "mini management" whilst away. I will try and stick to it as much as possible, and leaving out any carbs etc.

If necessary I WILL go back on the packs on my return to shift any gain, but I really am going to try and not gain anything. It CAN be done, and I intend to prove it :)

I know eating will put on a bit of weight, its inevitable, but with swimming, and sticking to proteins/salads etc I really hope I can maintain it whilst away. I am not going to jepordise the hard work I've put in for the last 14 weeks, but I am also not going to ruin my Holiday.

I am going to have the well deserved break that I have feel I have achieved. I have lost over 6 stone!!!! I think 2 weeks with the main aim of getting a TAN and LOOKING GOOD on the beach is what I'm really really looking forward too :)

2 weeks to go...... YAYAYAYAYA

Mrs Lard

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Hi Summer

I went away during week 9, I think, of Foundation to New York with my husband. We booked it before I started LL and it was suppposed to be a very special holiday and food was going to be a big part of it. But we had to adapt, even though I went out with the intention of staying abstinent. However, a mixture of jet lag and other things made me feel very emotional about being in the big apple and not eating.

In the end, after weeping while my husband ate at one of NYC's best burger joints, I tried to find a happy medium. After all, I am doing LighterLife so that I can have a good relationship with food in the long term, not just during the 100 days. So I ate tiny bits of typical New York food (that was the rule to myself - it had to be something I couldn't have at home) but tried to stay on the packs. I also monitored myself everyday for ketosis, drank loads of water and did loads of walking.

I had A LOT of online support, which really made a difference; I blogged everyday - to cope with all the emotions - and fellow bloggers responded. I didn't feel on my own (ie deprived dieter), which, if you're with a group of people may happen. Of course, you may not need any of this. I really think it depends how much weight you have to lose, as well.

I deliberately avoided any triggers so didn't touch alcohol or bread.

My advice is if you can stay on packs during the day (if you are based in one place) and then have protein and salad in the evening or whenever your main meal is. Beforehand, I read what people ate during the first week of management, just in case we were in a restaurant and I would have had to order.

Like Gaijingirl says, it's bloody hard to get back on track because you realise your habits have changed - even in a short time. Before going away, I didn't nibble but when I came back, the nibbling started. It just needed a strong mindset to stop when I got back on British soil!

Sorry, I realise this all sounds a bit intense but as our LLC says, LighterLife IS hardcore so if your environment changes while you are in Foundation, it's a challenge.

The other thing to remember is how do you want to look back on the holiday. That was what made me try to be a bit more flexible; for me, being abstinent over there was a miserable experience and I didn't want to spoil it for my husband. But for others, staying abstinent is critical to their success and they can handle it.

I would advise you to NOT worry about it now (I agonised about NYC from day one of LL) and see how you feel six weeks down the line. If you follow the programme now, to the letter, you will feel differently (about food, socialising, etc) and so just see what is working for you closer to the holiday. You may feel you don't want to jeopardise all your hard work!

I wish you luck and hope I haven't made it seem worse than it is.

Mrs L xx

Thanks for your really helpful words - they are much appreciated.

I feel exactly the ways you guys did and dont want to feel totally deprived from enjoying a holiday.

I will do as you say and see how I feel closer to the time and try to do packs during the day, which will be easy and then maybe protein at night. The drinkig might be hard bit, but lets see how it goes.

Good news at my weight in Week 1 - 7lbs now only another 35lbs to go in total.

Thanks again ....

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