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loads more opinions needed...


MUST get a grip
1. How often do you check you ketosis with the strips... Fortunately for me mine are at work as I have felt the urge to test everytime I do a weeeeeeeee :eek:....

2. Sorry but I need to ask what you all think, why is it whilst we are in denial about our eating habits and getting bigger etc etc do we avoid the scales like the plague - THEN 2 days into our new regimes we are on the scales 5 times a day (well maybe that exageration) but you know what I mean???:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

3. I've still got a bad tummy, its not a lot but most times when I visit the loo - and sorry my bum's now sore :cry::eek::cry::eek:bear in mind how many times a day I am visiting the loo :eek::eek::eek:
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1) ALL THE TIME! Seeing a bit of pink felt in the morning does wonders for motivation. Ok, they are quite expensive but i'm going to survive this whole summer in a bikini so i'll save a fortune on clothes :D:D:D

2)I am a serial scale hopper, but have asked OH to hide them in the loft. I am allowed to weigh when i feel the need to eat....and with my CDC - Thats it

3)Hmmm, are you slightly lactose intolerant??? I didnt know how allergic i was to wheat before i started getting reactions to the soups. How much water you drinking??
awww hun! I'm being tested for coeliacs, strangely the only non medication i find that works a treat is drinking yakult a lot!
Thing is, with that Norovirus going around, any chance you've got a lil bug?
Hope you feel better soon xxx

Hahahaha, good old Vas never fails :):)

Dont do it again xxxx
Not too bad for testing with the ketostix but a daily weigher! I with the scales - up is depressing, down is exhilarating.



Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
My word Georgie look at you!!

I never test on ketostix, i know that I am in ketosis by being cold mainly as I tend to still feel slightly hungry.

I jump on the scales in the morning and at night, I tell other people not to but I can't help myself..

I have a bad tummy normally day 3/4 and if I have 2 bars in a day (not recommended!)... needless to say you cannot break wind!! (if you know what I mean!!)


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