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hi just thought that i would let everyone know that my family had a wasted journey going to london yesterday.spent over £80 in travel fares is no joke.if the meet was cancelled i thought someone would have contacted me to say its off.i stood outside starbucks in covent garden getting wet and cold from 1.45 till 2.15.and no one turned up.i then went to ask a policeman if there was another starbucks in covent garden and he told me there was one a few mins walk away on a corner,i went there as well but no luck.as i have diffulty in walking to far i had to stay round the area on my own till the rest of my family arrived.i spoild thier day out as they were going to take my 10year old granddaughter around london for the day.my hubby was very mad and went into starbucks to ask people if they were waiting to meet a small group of people.
thanks to what happened i had 3 panic attacks from 2.30am till 3.00am.
im also taking myself off the cd for a few months has also due to the stress yesterday i had a awful day food wise.today i dont want to have shakes/bars.i only want food,over the last few weeks ive been having trouble keeping to shakes only so this was the cherry on top of the cake so to speak.
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sorry to hear u had a crappy day and want to come off cd!
i saw a thread about london on here the other day maybe there is some info on there for you about what happen! x
Sorry to read the meet didnt go down to well, but yes im sure someone replied to say what they were wearing on satday.! xx

Hope you are feeling better soon x

OMG thats terrible, i am so sorry for you hun. I dont know anything about a meeting so have no idea what you are really talking about, but from the sounds of it people on here was ment to meet up? I am so sorry that you where left there on our own and spent that much money out on travel. I wonder why no one turned up??? Please dont come off CD, you are doing so so well and really keep people motivated on this site, myself being one of them people.

PM me if you need a chat sweeite xxx

~Big Hugs~ xxxx <3


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I'm really sorry you had a wasted time and that you feel fed up :(
oh no! i would have felt the same as you and also very anxious. hope you are feeling better today and someone clarifies why and how this happened????


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I'm really sorry that the day was horrible, but are you getting of cd because of medical issues? Is the stress cd related? If not, don't get off it, you've achieved so much and you shouldn't throw it all away like that. The only one you're punishing that way is yourself. If you can't stomach the shakes, perhaps try some of the other products?


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So sorry to hear that the day was such a washout - especially as you'd paid so much for tickets etc. I wonder what happened - lots of old-timers haven't been online for a while so maybe they've all fallen by the wayside.

Don't give up on CD altogether - I can understand why you are angry and feel let down but don't let that cloud the issue that you want to lose weight - take a few days to calm down and let things settle. You probably wont feel any better for eating and ditching the diet - look for strength and come right back at it.

I sincerely believe that there was nothing personal to this - in the past with meetings such as this I have been aware of a big drop out rate which is why I didn't sign up for it in the first place.:(

Laura Croft

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What a bad time for this to happen when you were struggling already. Try not to let it sabotage all your good effort up to now though.

Unfortunately these types of get togethers can have really high drop out rates for many reasons. It's a shame mobile numbers weren't swapped beforehand. Even though I live in London, I'd never try to meet a friend without knowing their mobile. Too many chances for something to go wrong.


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Oh dear, who was mean to be going spots? Did people say for sure they would be there? Like said before mobile numbers should have been swapped as maybe last min things got in the way. Anyway too late for should haves, sorry you are not happy and leaving CD, good luck for future!


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Oh hun, i am so sorry to hear you had such an awful day. I would be cross to but don't let it ruin your cd journey, you are doing so well. Who organised the meet? or started the thread? I hope you feel better soon, pm me if you want a chat spott, big hugs xx.


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Oh hun, I am so sorry it was such a wasted day. Please don't come off Cd, you have acheived so much chick. Let us help you through it

Charlie xx


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Oh no, that's just awful. I did follow the threads with interest... (i live in South Wales, London is too far to travel for a starbucks coffee!).

Please don't give in. Please...!


Tracy P

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I looked at the London thread and everyone stopped talking about the trip 3 weeks ago (infact the last post was someone asking if it was still on but they did not get a definative answer). I don't understand why you want to pack it all in because of one bad afternoon.

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