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Long journey tips


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I'm contemplating planning a suprise trip to the States for my H2b on his 30th birthday in August. I'll still be doing CD then, and am guessing the products won't be allowed in the cabin with us due to the new travel restrictions (which are especially strict on flights to America)

Anyone got any tips on how I could survive a ten hour trip without food? If I can't find a way around this, then I really think I'll put off the trip till toward the end of the year and combine it with some Christmas shopping ;)
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This is a tricky one, how about flying through the night, or shift your mealtimes a bit. Through the evening/night most people normally go without eating for that long as they are sleeping. So if you fly in the afternoon, have your 3 meals before you go, and have breakfast early, if that makes sense. Have a bar just before you go through customs! Thats all i can think of :)


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Don't want to scare you, but have you checked if you can bring the products into USA in your luggage? I am going to Aus in May & discovered I cannot bring the packs into the country so will have to be CD-free by then. It may well be different for US, probably is, but worth checking, as it'd be a nightmare to have the packs taken away at customs & find yourself without.



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Thanks for letting me know Katy, I'll check it out, although I'm seriously tempted to book it for before Christmas and still give him it as a birthday present. Hopefully I'll be at goal by then so he can treat me to loads of lovely cheap American clothes! Wooohoooo!
I am really glad you brought this up! I am flying to France in 2 weeks and am planning to have a tetra before flying and taking enough sachets with me to do me 2 meals a day for the week. It is only way I can think of keeping on track as I am months from target. There will probably be a similar product available over there?


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Ahh we (usually) go to France every year, but we're not this year as the week we would normally go is the one my sister is getting married. I've never seen any product like this over there, those blooming Frenchies are all too naturally thin ;) Hope you have a wonderful holiday- and don't spoil the diet with all that lovely cheap red wine
oh thanks lisalulu.
I will be staying ay my friends who is slim..........only because she is not greedy like me.
Luckily I don't like wine or any alcohol so I am not tempted. It is the patisserie that is my fall down!
I will be strong!!
Hello All

I am going to New York end of May. I have checked with the holiday company and you can take the CB diet shachets with you however, not the tetras as they are liquid form.

Hope this helps