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Long term success

Hi. I am considering Cambridge as my brother has done it and got good results. However DH thinks it is a load of rubbish and that I shouldn't do it. His argument is that my brother is about to start his 4th time on Cambridge and each time he has put the weight back on. My brother says it is because he just goes back to takeaways etc.

How easy is it to maintain your weight loss when you start eating 'normally'? I say 'normally' because obviously you don't want to go back to what you WERE eating as that is what got you fat in the first place!
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Your hubby has really shot himself in the foot with his argument hasnt he. By your own admission your brothers weight is going back on because hes reverting to his old eating habits. CD is very successfully getting rid of the weight and HE is the one undoing all the good by not eating properly. The same is true for any diet. You only need to look round the forums here whether its a VLCD or SW, WW etc any diet will work, but if you simply go back to your old habits when you come off them then the weight will go back on.

Failures arent down to diets, theyre down to the person doing them.

There are dozens of people on here who have lost a huge amount of weight on a VLCD and kept it off, just as there are people on SW/WW who have lost loads of weight and put it all back on.
Thanks Starlight (just edited my post to clarify one point).

I think the thing that DH is concerned about is that at WW and SW (we've both done them) you are 're-trained' and you learn healthy eating habits. He doesn't see how this happens with Cambridge.

Personally I know I have an issue with food and would be quite happy if I never had to eat again (obviously that isn't possible). Drug addicts or alcoholics can just go cold turkey. Food addicts can't. Doing some sort of meal replacement diet is one of my final options as I've tried most other diets and once I start eating, I find it hard to stop.
my OH was very sceptical of CD too, but now he is really supportive and understands thats its me who will make or break this diet....and its costing us less as we dont have a take away on a saturday noght which was costing us £40 a week by time we bought the take away, fizzy pop and a sweet for later! this plan does re train u too as u learn to feel fuller on far less food and realise u dont need an awful lot of what u were previously eating, and u appreciate food alot more and not take it for granted! good luck on your journey HTH x
I tried SW and didn't really get retrained - just learned to cheat better! CD has been the only thing that worked for me in over 20 years of trying to lose weight and it was a kind of 'make or break' deal - I knew it was extreme and was a little worried but the way the weight came off was remarkable and as for eating well, I probably had a more balanced diet during the Sole Source phase than I had eating mountains of junk.
Fair to say, I don't think I will ever go back to eating 'normally' as it was eating that way that got me overweight in the first place. Still working on what is the new 'normal'
Go for it, what have you got to lose?????
I tried SW and didn't really get retrained - just learned to cheat better! CD has been the only thing that worked for me in over 20 years of trying to lose weight and it was a kind of 'make or break' deal
Ditto and ditto

On WW you can still eat brownies, crisps etc but in WW form and therefore your attitude to eating doesn't change at all.

CD is a total retrain as you learn to reintroduce foods over time and learn what is best for you to maintain a lifetimes worth of healthy eating x
Any diet is just a tool for loosing weight, many of us re-gain whilst others change their lifestyles and keep the weight off..........a change of lifestyle is for life not just for xmas!

However I believe cd to be the best tool for shifting the weight if you have more than a couple of stone to lose.

Good luck x

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