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Looking nothing like your passport...


Since my passport was issued, 2 years ago, I now have hair and have lost 8 stones. I don't think I look anything like my passport photo, and we're going abroad on friday for the Euro 2008 football championships in Austria. Border controls will be back up and they are very strict when going in and out of the countries. When we went in 2004 to Portugal we were offloaded twice for the children's passports to be rechecked.

I just spoke to the UK passport office and they say I need to get it reissued on the one day service at a cost of £115, and the Commonwealth travel people say the same.

My Q is has anyone had a problem when travelling? I'll have other ID with me, my driving licence, both halves of it, my credit card, the children and their passports with the same surname on etc.

I just really cannot afford a day driving 3 hours to the nearest passport office to get it reissued, let alone the money!
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This made me smile a bit. Bet never before you'd of thought you'd need to get a new passport because you'd lost so much weight you don't look like your photo! It's fab.....expensive though!


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I have been asking the same question.I am going out to my brothers in November and have been trying to find out how to change my photo.It seems you have to get a whole new passport which i think is very unfair ,so i am going to put my before and after pictures in my bag and hope for the best .


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LOL - my mate took a new photo of me for his phone yesterday to replace the one he had previously that looks nothing like me.

Aunt Bam

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That's a crazy price :eek: to pay for a new passport. Why don't these officials use some common sense. For heaven's sake its only the photograph there updating, everything else stay's the same Name, date of birth etc. How can they justify charging this ridiculous price:sigh:. Is it the same for skinny people who put on 8 stones?:rolleyes:

Well, I would not get a new passport - if they can't take the time to look long enough to see the same eyes, etc., they should be in another job!

You should not have any problems. :)

For example - when I met my husband in 2000 he got a new passport so he could come to America to meet me. At that time, just 8 years ago, he had a "number 2 clip" on his hair - all over - hair less then 1/2 inch long.

Then he met me, and I broke him. :D He now has past his shoulder blades, and a goatee beard and 'stache. There is NOTHING recogniseable in his passport photo....in it he looks like a clean shaved kid - now he looks like Billy Connoly gone wild. :rotflmao: But he has never ever had a problem....so you shouldn't either and your additional ID should not be needed but you will have it if it is.

Save your pennys!


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