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Loopylorns, LLT and the journey to lovely legs!

Hi everyone,

I will be starting group on Monday 8/8/11 and therefore food packs on the 9th so thought I would start a blog to help me focus on my journey.

I am a mum to 4 girls and untill I had my 4th baby I did not have a weight problem and was a slim size 10-12. Between having number 3 and 4 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and whilst pregnant with no 4 put on over 6 stones :eek:

Since having no 4 I have struggled to lose a lot of that weight and am now 13.3 with a BMI of 33, before I was 9.2.

Just recently I have had a go with the Tony Ferguson from Boots, which saw me lose a stone in 6 weeks but then my daughter was in hospital and I stopped concentrating and don't seem able to get back into gear there as I have this feeling of I know it works, I will have that piece of cake, burger, chocolate etc and start tomorrow, sadly tomorrow never comes!

It is for this reason I have decided to abstain from food completely and do LLT. I have a few TF sachets left and have decided that as of today I will refrain from carbs and use those up and gear myself towards Monday and starting LLT.

On Saturday I will go shopping (rare day off work) and have Nandos for lunch (my fave) but only chicken and salad, with luck I may have utilised stored carb almost before starting LLT.

I have only 1 concern of LLT and that is will I have enough energy for my hectic job as a Nurse, don't want to be passing out!

Anyway that's me, hello to you all and keep posting as I am reading and feeling inspired by you all, have a fab weight loss week. xx Lorna
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Welcome Lorna, you will find lots of support here. Energy will increase just a few days after you start around the time ketosis fairy kicks in too, so you wont feel hungry!
Good idea to reduce carbs and caffeine if you can, that helps reduce risk of headaches in first few days.
I have more energy now than over the last 30 odd years, manic job, running around all over, and some health issues too.
If you keep your water intake up spread packs out you will be fine.
Good luck on your journey, posting lots helps, ask any questions you like and you will get a supportive variety of answers.
thanks so much, getting a little nervous now, really am worried about working on so few calories but we will see xx
Welcome Lorna,
Good luck with LL. I also have an underactive thyroid and take Thyroxine. I was very overweight long before I was diagnosed.
It hasn't been a problem with doing LL at all. In fact every aspect of my health improved dramatically with my weight loss.
You must have a very busy life by the sound of it, but I'm sure once you are in ketosis you will find you have more energy than you do now.
Good luck. I look forward to seeing your progress.
Thanks for the welcomes :)

So went to meeting last night and got my 28 food packs for the week, chose a mixture of 7 porridge, 4 soup (for evening shifts at work) and the rest shakes with a mixture of strawberry, banana and vanilla.

Was on shift this morning (8 hours) so just had black coffee and large glass of water before going.

Vanilla shake at 10 am - found this really sweet, not certain I like it but can suffer it I think.

Had fair bit of water during shift, then made up another shake at 3 when I got to car, banana this time - much tastier!

Home and black coffee and water, just went to the loo and very nearly grabbed a banana on way back through kitchen :eek:

Anyway so far so good, girls having baked potatoes for tea, I'm planning on having a soup and porridge as snack before bed.

Nearly one day down!! hope you are all well.
Well done, if you've done 1 day you can do another. I'm a teacher and spend my whole day running around and did it for 6 months. It's totally fine and you don't feel ill at all. The first week you might feel pretty tired but it does get better, i promise. It's totally manageable! Good luck, it'll be worth it this time next week!
Day 2 on LLT.

Another work day and a busy one at that!

Last night I had a porridge food pack quite late, around 10.30, I did this planning to have my first pack today at my break, which I did at 10am.

Prior to this I had felt a little light headed a few times but managed to get through. The nature of my job means I don't get much chance to drink which does not help.

Finished shift at 3pm and was gagging to get back to my car and as yesterday make up my second food pack, strawberry this time which so far is my fave and it went down well!!!.

Have had lots of water since home and a while ago had the vanilla shake but this time made with hot water, a spoon of coffee and a blender, put extra water in and boy was it thick and creamy and hit the spot nicely, will be a firm fave I think :)

Will have porridge prior to bed again tonight, and am pleased to say I now have 2 days off so pleases ketosis do your worst during these 2 days :rolleyes:

Anyway, day 2 nearly over, upward and onward, hope you are all doing well.


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welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey.
Welcome Lorna,

Glad to see you have made it through the first two days. Hope your two days off sees you firmly in ketosis. Have to be honest I never feel better than when I am on the packs and in ketosis. I have a thyroid problem and really struggle with energy levels in general. Can honestly say though when I am on my packs I have so much more get up and go to do things. No afternoon nap needed!

If you are feeling a bit peculiar you will need to watch the spacings of your packs so that they are regular and make sure that the water intake is also regular. No matter what job it is you should be able to take a pause for the loo and a glass of water. Human rights ! lol
Enjoy the journey and take good care of yourself xx
Thanks Clarabrow.

Day 3.

Finding today a little harder, could it be because I am not at work and therefore have more time to think about it? or has ketosis reached me.

Woke up today with horrible taste in mouth, and have deffo been more thirsty today.

2 food packs so far today, a nice mocha for breakfast using the vanilla and coffee, and strawberry for lunch in the supermarket car park prior to getting food shop.

Slight headache and tiredness but doing ok so far, might have soup for dinner and then my normal porridge around 10pm.

Looking forward to my weigh in on Monday, deffo feel thinner already and stomach looks flatter which is where I shed it first.

Also looking forward to being able to have a bar next week, and think I will try other food packs too, what do you all recommend?

Hope you are all having a good food day xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi and welcome!

Get yourself over the first few days and it is plain sailing, I have a busy life in general looking after children, albeit grown ones a number of animlas and 3 horses, which need mucking out each day. It is doable, I have never really suffered with being tired I think the adrenaline (sorry cant spell) keeps me going that and the numbers dropping on the scales. xx
I am deffo in ketosis, just got my hubby to buy some sticks on his way home which turned a lovely shade of pink, thought as much due to the rough mouth feeling, but at least I am there! looking forward to Mondays group YAY!
I am deffo in ketosis, just got my hubby to buy some sticks on his way home which turned a lovely shade of pink, thought as much due to the rough mouth feeling, but at least I am there! looking forward to Mondays group YAY!
yay for ketosis.. is yours the third shade of pink? x

hope your well x
Day 4 on LLT.

Woke early this morning-always do on my days off :( felt quite lively today so did another pee stick and it was bright pink-YAY.

Had porridge for breakfast today followed by lunch of the mocha coffee shake then a banana shake a bit later.

Today has been hard due to the fact I did my big cook, made brownies, lemon cakes, chocolate cakes and 2 quiches, I can not tell you how good those quiche smell!!!

However my resolve is strong and no eating or even licking hahah.

Just realised am on shift Mon/Tues which are the only days my LL is open so if I cant switch a shift I will have to send daughter to collect food packs and have first weigh in next week, not ideal but it is what it is.

onward to day 5, hope you are all well. xxx
Day 5 on LLT

Today I again woke early, I am deffo not as tired as I was prior to LL :)

Came downstairs and let hubby sleep, browsed this forum then made him and little one who was also in my bed some peanut butter on toast and coffee and took upstairs along with my black coffee.

Hubby said " you must like torturing yourself " however I can honestly say that preparing food for others does not bother me and if anything I see it as a test, and one which I get top marks in every time :p

I have just had a strawberry shake for breakfast but today am pondering my food packs as I am on a late shift- 1.30 -9.30 which will put my timings out a little but will figure it out, if I feel a little odd I will just have to take a quick 5 mins and down my shake so will take both a soup and a shake, one for quickness, one for my longer break.

In general I am feeling fairly good, can certainly see my weight loss, stomach is flatter, and have only half a pair of boobs on my back instead of the bulge under the bra which was there Tuesday morning!

Have a great day everyone, if you are home, think of me working this evening and send me some good vibes xx

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