Loose jewellery??

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by baby_callalillies, 16 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. baby_callalillies

    baby_callalillies Full Member

    Morning all

    Has anyone else noticed their wedding/engagement rings loosening off with their weight loss?? Mine are practically falling off, especially when my fingers are cool.

    My watch seems to be moving more freely too - ive lost quite a bit of weight from my wrists (weird!) they look all boney now!! yuk


    Now, do i get my rings sized when i reach goal?? Get new rings?? or maybe eventually persuade DH to buy me an eternity ring, in a smaller size so that it keeps the others on??? hehehe

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  3. moti17

    moti17 is gonna do it!!

    Good excuse for some new jewels me thinks!!
    Well done!
  4. Lexy1972

    Lexy1972 Full Member

    Not lucky enough to have wedding and engagement rings yet :cry: but my other ring is getting very loose and my watch is also much looser!!! x
  5. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    HI Anni

    Yes my wedding/engagement ring is very loose. I actually bought a tube from betterware, that you loop around the ring and it keeps it on. Cost me £1.99! Just as a temporary measure at the moment! I find it works well though, i'm not loosing my rings in the shower anymore!;)

    Not sure if betterware have a website or if you get the catalogue delivered? If you do, look out for it. It's a good quick fix!:p

    Hugs x x x
  6. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

    i love when my rings got looser. When I was heavier, they were so tight I could barely get them off. xx
  7. baby_callalillies

    baby_callalillies Full Member

    i do like the idea of something to hold them on, rather than not wear them at all (as im usually cold, and they just slip right off) I may hunt through the betterware when i get one.

    i secretly love the fact they are loose as my engagement ring was always snug! lol but i would love new jewellery - dont think DH would fork out for the whole set though heheheh
  8. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    I've not been able to wear my wedding ring for a while now, I feel lost without it!
  9. Mrs Scoffalot

    Mrs Scoffalot Full Member

    My wedding ring is very loose and I have had to have a link taken out of my watch.... I thought it was strange loosing fat off my wrists too lol
  10. fatfighter

    fatfighter wannabe yummy mummy

    I'd had my engagment ring a month before i lost it because it was too big - not one of my favourite CD side effects! :(
  11. Nellyphant

    Nellyphant Silver Member

    I can't wait until my fingers get smaller as I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for a year now :-(
  12. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Ooh yes. My wedding ring slips off easier now. Dunno what I'm going to do when I've lost more weight. It'll be difficult to take a piece out of, I've uploaded a picture so you can see why.

    My watch now rides halfway up my forearm. But the strap isn't adjustable and it's a shame, because it was my 30th birthday present from my wife.

    And Mrs L has found her rings slip off, she's had to take her eternity ring and use it to keep her wedding and engagement rings on her finger. She's peed off because she says she feel weird with two diamond rings on one finger, plus she spent £200 getting them enlarged just after our youngest was born.

  13. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Why not try trimming a plaster to the same width as your rings? Put the plaster on and then your rings on top. I suggested that to Mrs L the other day, not sure if she's tried it yet though.
  14. Guru

    Guru Silver Member

    I can't wait for them to get bigger! They fit perfectly at the moment as I am only a few pounds lighter than when I got married. I am planning to buy an eternity ring in May with some money I have inherited from my grandparents and then will have my wedding and engagement rings made smaller at the same time. I will then never be able to put the weight back on! :D
  15. LizS

    LizS Shut up Ethel

    My wedding and e rings fit perfectly now (20lb down) as I'm about the same weight as I was when I was married. That's really cool as they have been tight for a while.

    On my other hand I have a ring my grandmother left me which has not been off my finger for about three years. It will. not. budge. Cannot WAIT until that will come off! (Not for good, obv, but will be nice to be able to get it off my fat sausage fingers)
  16. xtwinklex

    xtwinklex Eat to live don't live to eat!

    I've noticed it too, feels really strange I must say! I'm gonna look on ebay for some ring holder on thingys lol!

  17. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    I'm about a stone lighter than when we got married, so although my rings are now slightly lose and spin round lots, they dont fall off and as I am only 1lb from goal, shouldn't have that problem. Have had to have 2 links taken out of my watch though as I bought that 55lb ago.... lol
  18. ruthontheedge

    ruthontheedge Full Member

    Just sent my wedding ring to get made 2 sizes smaller - havn't been able to wear it for a few months now so been wearing it on a chain round my neck.

    My eternity ring and engagement ring are also too big but not getting them changed as can wear them on other fingers but want my wedding ring done. Costing me about £45.00 as its palladium. Cheaper than a new one though which hubby was pleased about!!
  19. X_lisa_X

    X_lisa_X needs motivating

    i had to take my wedding rings off about a month in, i miss not having them on but i would be so upset if i lost them, i went in to see about resizing and they want £30 a ring :-0 ill wait till im finished losing weight before i shell out £60, i dont want new ones as i feel that they wont have the same meaning as my originals if you know what i mean x
  20. Lizzylocket

    Lizzylocket Winning a losing battle!

    My wedding and engagement rings are too big now but I'm waiting until I'm at goal before getting them resized as it can weaken the metal if you have it done too often.

    I'm lucky enough to live near the jewellery quarter in Birmingham so get it done there and then and pay about £15!!

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