Loose Skin - a glimmer of hope...

Blonde Logic

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Hey peeps

I know so often the question of loose skin comes up.....

but just thought I would pass on what for me has been the first ray of viable hope.

A lady I started LL with last January came to RTM last night. SHe has been maintaining for 6 months.....and she said she is noticing quite a difference now in her skin....

....what was puckery and wrinkly and loose, has started to fill out, firm up and smooth out.

Yay! Proof positive, for at leas ONE person, the skin can shrink back.

She lost about 3 or 4 stone I think. SO thats good for those of you worrying about it, that have that much to lose - it shows it may be allll OK in the end.

For folk like me that lost much more then that, well, we can only wait and see.

But its hopeful for you skinny minnie moos.

I just thought this was worth passing on to y'all. :)

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That is great to hear BL!

I have lost 90lb but would like to lose another 49lb and it is a worry...my skin is very good so far but from here it is a journey into the unknown...

Love Mini xxx


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I'm actually toying with the idea of stopping earlier, doing rtm and then losing the last stone or so by conventional means. I can't tell yet if I have much loose skin (as it's still attached to a lot of fat!) but I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days and trying to remember that loose skin iss better than being dead


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I must say, in the last few weeks my skin has started to get a little better and I don't have quite so much of an 'apron' any more. I've got awful stretch marks so it's never going to be smooth as a baby's bottom but if it shrinks up enough so I don't look too much like a deflated balloon I'll be happy!

I've lost a LOT of weight in a short space of time and it's inevitable there's going to be a bit left over at the end. I just try not to worry about it too much.

Best thing to do is exercise-much as most people hate it. It really is the best thing to ping things back into place! I've found swimming has really helped my overall toning.


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They say that once you have lost all your weight your skin takes 2 months per stone of weight you have lost to shrink back to normal. So if you have lost 6 stone it will take about a year to shrink back.


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Remember over time our skin stretched to accomodate all the weight we had.

So if you suddenly go on a crash diet you are asking it to shrink in months when its took years to stretch out.

The skin should naturally pull back for all of us and tonning at the gym and exercise will help. Ladies Yoga would be great for you to do.

I was worried too but take comfort knowing the skin will pull back in a year or so.


nearly there!! :)
i sometimes notice my belly is a bit better too!!
going to give it time, also hoping ill find my boobs along the road somewhere lol xxx