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Loose skin after big wright loss?

Hi all you lovely ladies and gents.

I'm after some advice from anyone who can help. I have 8 stone left to loose, being already a stone and half lighter than at my biggest (as I was pregnant then I have not lost it as such but given birth to it). My question is this. What can I do to
minimise the loose skin as my weight loss increases and I get closer to my goal?
It's a huge worry for me as I already seem to have a bit of an apron (yack) and don't think I want to have that forever! Surgery is NOT am option I'm willing to consider as I have two small children and the risks for the sake of my vanity are to great, it is only skin at the end of the day.
Does anyone know of any tips to reduce this over time?

Thanks guys
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X Kelly X

Silver Member
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Exercise and start now whilst your still on the early stages.
I have approx 10 stone to lose and have this to worry about too as surgery is not an option for me either.
Basically Im exercising in the gym or using work out DVD's and also using palmers cocoa butter cream to help. I know ill end up with some kind of sagginess but hey, i let myself get this big, ill deal with the consiquences
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From what i gather it doesn't really matter what you do if it's going to be loose it will be, exercise wont really help much, not that it's not worth trying any. I have resigned myself a long time ago that I will have it, but like Kelly says I got this big so will have to deal with it, and like I keep saying loose skin wont kill me, being so overweight will.


Bouncy Castle
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it depends how fast you lose the weight, but skin will take up to a year from when you lost weight to do any 'pinging back' that it's going to. but after a year, most people's skin looks better.

improving muscle tone can help, and using creams will stimulate circulation and therefore cell renewal, but at the end of the day it's the amount of collagen in your skin (unfortunately, not something that can be applied externally, no matter what face cream manufacturers would like us to believe) which determines your skin's elasticity. Mostly the influential factors are: how old are you, how big was the stretch and for how long. Our collagen levels deplete with age, but it varies from person to person.

it is a huge worry, and almost enough to put you off losing weight... but at least saggy skin can be disguised - fat will always look fat. And carrying around a load of saggy skin isn't likely to make you die prematurely. Really, there's no question. Skin is better than fat.
Absolutely agree,
Spent years in clothes that don't really fit so skin that doesn't fit won't be to bad I guess. As you say, it can be disguised. Hey ho, what do we do to ourselves eh!

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