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Loose skin after loosing weight

At the moment I weigh 16 stone but I would like to lose weight and be back at 9 stone; however I've seen so many photos and stories about the loose, saggy and unsightly skin that is left when someone looses that amount of weight, I think I'd be more unhappy with my body than now.

I know that being a healthy weight is better for my health but I'm so concerned about the skin issue it is putting me off losing weight.

Does anyone have any experience of losing that amount of weight and the effects on their skin? Do certain exercises help the body remain toned when losing a large amount of weight or is it the speed of the loss?

Also how do celebrities lose a lot of weight but not appear to have any skin issues, like Claire Richards etc on their 'after' photos. Is it just air brushing or can they afford the best treatments?

Any advice and people's experience would be most welcome xxx
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hi i think if you dont rush and take it nice and steady , as well as exersize you should be ok , and as for celebs if you watched the doc on claire ritchards she had a personal trainer , and her skin wasnt that fab (im not slagging her off i like her) i think what im trying to say is if we all had there money and nannies to look after our kids we could look like them . You will feel so much better for losing weight , please dont be put off about the skin and just go for it , good luck :) x
like tomjess1 said if you exercise and have a steady weight loss then it gives your skin chance to shrink, if you're like me and don't fancy doing aerobics or anything too exhausting then you could try some stretching and toning exercises , i have a great book called rosemary conleys inch loss plan and it's perfect for toning.good luck and don't let it put you off losing weight and reaching your goal.
Hi I started at 13 stone 5 and am not 8 stone 6. I hate to admit it but I have some lose skin on my stomach and thighs. It's not as bad as in some of the pictures you see but I still hate it! I exercise loads, I moisturise loads and I'm only 24 so all those factors sometimes don't help! I think it is just down to the type of skin you have and how quickly you lose weight. I lost my weight very quickly and would say my stomach is starting to look a bit better now I'm maintaining! As for my boobs, I won't even go there! Just thought I would give my honest response.
yeh i think slow steady weight loss, exercise will help but ultimately genetics play the big hand in how much loose skin if any you will have. Check out your mum aunties and sisters and you will probably have your answer, 3 sisters myself, my mum and auntie all have dread flat bum and over hang and no doubt when i get down to a regular sized human being i will be saggy round top of thighs(can see it already) tummy, boobies and whole abdomen. Tough luck on me
At my heaviest i was 23st 10. I am now 20st 13. My goal weight is 10st 7. I imagine once i get to goal i wont look truly brilliant but i also think i'll learn to live with it as its my overeating thats caused it in the 1st place. Also if its that bad i could always save up to have it removed.

The benefits of a healthy weight come first for me, however my skin ends up is just the way it is.

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