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Loose skin and Bingo wings.....

Hi I'm GOING to lose a total of 140lbs/10stone i'm just wondering what i can do to help not get so much loose skin and bingo wings the size of a bats!!!!!!! has anyone who has lost about the same ended up with loose skin or bingo wings or did you do anything to help the situation?????
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ive spoken to quite a few ppl who have lost in excess of 10 stones and the key seems to be moisturise moisturise moisturise. its also a good idea to use bio-oil on a daily basis (especially on tops of legs and belly) in order to help reduce lines and stretchmarks caused by quick weight loss.
hope this helps. :)
hi gem thanks for that i'm 5 foot and a tiny bit and my starting weight was 18.3 stone lol 8.3 stone is the top end of my ideal weights lol nut thats for the compliment lol

and thanks cheryl 'll have to get some bio oil funnily enough DH saw it on tv and said i'd better get some lol


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Hi Melliewoo,

I'm not much use either :rolleyes: but I believe that the skin takes longer to shrink back than the fat leaving your body iykwim!!

You may therefore have a bit more skin than you would like for a while, but I'm told it does shrink back!! Obviously plenty of water will help to keep your skin in tip-top condition and bio-oil or similar will help with marks but you could also try toning up too. Exercises like tricep dips will help tone the tricep and once the skin shrinks back you'll have lovely toned arms to boot ;)
u have to give your body a certain amount of time per pound you lose for it to shrink back

not sure what it is tho!!


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HI, I've lost nearly 8 stone so far and my skin isn't too bad at all, I've used loads of moisturiser with vitamin E in it only bit wrinkly the size of my hand under my belly button and my arms are just fine. You can get bio oil rip off at Wilkinsons for about two pounds xx


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...or you can mix the proper bio-oil with a cheaper moisturiser to go farther
My counsellor Jem lost over 13 stone and she looks fabulous. I know she exercises a lot, cos she is training right now for the New York Marathon. I know she has had no surgical help so it must be down to exercise and drinking lots of water; time must help a bit too. T
I was wondering about that too Mellie, I've bought some Palmers firming butter, which says for lsoing weight and after pregnancy....smells absolutely wonderful too. I've also just splashed out on some decleor sliming contour stuff, an early birthday pressie for myself...or is that a belated mothers day pressie and hubby didn't bother :sigh:.
I've never bothered with body lotion before so I'll have to keep remembering to use it...it would be nice to wear sleeveless top without looking like I'm trying to fly!



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I was thinking exactly that, my arguement has always been, because Ive always been overweight, and my body has grow like it has, the it won't go back, but I'll try the moisturiser and hope for the best. I can imagine I'd feel quite disheartend losing a lot of weight (9 stone in my case) but having loads of lose skin. And I certainly can't afford surgery.

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