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Loose skin


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Hi guys, my biggest worry about loosing weight is loose skin. Is there anyone here who started at a similar weight to me that has lost weight? I know it sounds silly but I keep thinking if i get loads smaller which I really want to but am so scared that all my skin will still be here!!
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That's a amall worry for me too, but I'd rather have some of the weight off and be a bit "baggy" than stay this size and feel so unhealthy.
I "think" you have less of a chance of having loose skin if you lose the weight at a slow, steady rate, rather than very quickly like when you have a gastric band. It also depends on your age, the collagen in your skin etc...etc...So what is for one could be different for another.
I've been told exercises and loads of water will help..aswell as maybe trying some of the creams or oils..and hot baths! Need to keep the skin hydrated! .. :)
I did have a lot of loose skin after losing my weight (I have since put some back on which I am losing again), but I would still rather be thinner with the loose skin than that big.
Just to say that a while back I started a similar thread and the consensus was that if the wait was lost correctly, i.e. slowly with exercise as opposed to quickly with gastic surgery (for example) the skin would sort of shrink with you.

Having now lost 71lb I still have my belly, but not half as bad as I feared. I thought I would need some horrendous tummy-tuck or skin removal.

Looks like I might not! -or very little as I can't account for the last bit lol.



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thanks guys, I just know it will be my luck I will end up with loads of loose skin. FIngers crossed I am wrong.


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Just wanna reiterate the previous points made ... with a steady loss and exercise (and a little luck perhaps) you should be fine.

I've lost about 9 stone now and so far so good!


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I'll be honest, I lost 4 stone to get to just under 10 stone for my wedding and bedding uplift surgery almost defiantly (at 21!!) and all this weight back on I'm expecting to go through it again at some point :0(
Well for skin i would recommend Vitamin e cream its very cheep and i have always found it nourishes and helps my skin elasticity. Also exercise with the weight loss and seeing the weight is coming off at a slow and steady rate then your body should adapt accordingly.

Also get a body brush and brush your skin twice daily morning and night. Start at your feet and work up wards, moving the brush in a circular movement(be careful on sensitive bits) and then once finished work the brush downwards same movements. This helps the circulation of the blood in the skin and also makes your skin look clearer. Also drink lots of water.

I had a c section nigh on 6 years ago now and even when i lost the weight after i had my son i still had a little bit of c section belly, when i get down to target now and as long as i can keep it off for good, and its still wibbly then i might consider getting it removed.
What you want are toning exercises for the bits you feel might be a bit wobbly after weight loss. For arms this might mean repetitions with low weights, using higher weights will add muscle, or swimming a few times a weeks will help all over including stomach. Sit ups are the stuff of the devil but will definitely help with shwabbles!


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Haha loose gob, your work colleague sounds like some of mine. I have started using mosturiser daily and I am exercising so I pray I'm not unlucky. Although I should be praying I can get enough weight gone to give me reason to worry about this.

Week five weigh in at seven and I'm about to walk into an aerobics class. Eeeeeeek


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Thanks, another 1.5 lbs gone. Really want to do better this week and get two off to get my stone. Need tips on a extra good week !

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