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loose skin?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Ghostie, 17 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Im sure this question has been asked time and time again but has anyone around my age (22) struggled with loose skin? I know it shouldnt worry me as obviously losing the weight and being healthy out weighs loose skin but when you've been over weight since a teenager and not really experienced life it is a worry.. Hope this makes sense to people lol, Thanks :)
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  3. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    At 22 age is on your side, generally, the younger you are the more likely your skin will allow for a bit of stretch, but it's also down to genes, skin type and yo-yo dieting doesn't help either (so once it's off try to keep it off :)).

    I lost about 6.5st in my early 20s and had a little loose skin on my arms and tops of legs and my tummy, but not too bad, then I gained it all again, plus extra, and the next time (12yr+ older) I lost weight I had a lot more loose skin, but I had also had children in the meantime, which meant rapid weight gain and more stretchmarks. I knew I was prone to loose skin as my mum also had stretchmarks and loose skin on her tummy after having children, but I think yo-yoing was the worst thing I did.

    I'm not sure if it will help (I believe it's mostly down to age and genetics personally) but apparently it's best to lose weight nice and slowly, drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet full of of vitamins and minerals, use a moisturiser to massage daily (cheaper ones like Coco butter, E45 or Nivea will do the same job as expensive 'stretchmark' creams) and exercise to keep toned under the skin, which can help with the appearance of the loose skin. :) x
  4. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Thanks alot, i have a few stretchmarks but their that silver color and you cant really see them.. but i guess like i said health out weighs loose skin.. Thanks for the the help sweet :)
  5. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    I think that's a really good sign, I have the most loose skin in the places I have the most stretchmarks. And yes, definitely, wearing lovely little clothes and feeling happy running for a bus far outweigh a bit of a wobbly tummy. :) x
  6. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    I am abit of a yo yo dieter which i dont think will help matters i lost 5 stone a few years back then went on holiday (all inclusive) put 10 pounds on and just couldnt get back on it after that so i put all the weight i lost plus alot more which sucks :(..
  7. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    I'm sure not getting to target is what makes us go back to our old habits! I didn't hit my target last time I was just about half way there, and then gained it all back again, with an added 10lb on top! We should make a vow to get to our target and STAY there this time! :D

    Oh, and another good reason to stay there is, apparently, the longer you stay at your goal weight the more the skin firms up, it can take up to about 2 years to even back out again. :) x
  8. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

    :sigh: I don't even want to think of the state of my skin on my tummy once i lose weight especially as I have had 4 children in the last 5 years! x
  9. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    I think that is something we should do.. When WE get there not IF.. Oh well thats good news lol :)
  10. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Aww bless ya.. Yeah but you have had children which is probably the main reason and just cant be helped :)
  11. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    I remember reading that if you exercise whilst losing, your skin won't sag as much.
    I'm 23 so a similar age and this was really worrying me so I mass googled it. :)
    Things like walking a bit extra and swimming do wonders. If you increase your exercise make sure to drink more water and eat more super free foods though. :)

    Those are the basics that I found out from googling, browsing the forum and group.
    At group there's a man at group that has lost 8st (started off at 25st ish) and he wears short sleeves. Can't see any sagging skin on him. :)
  12. nataliemurie

    nataliemurie Full Member

    Try using some firming moisturizer
  13. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Nice to know its not just me whose worrying about it.. Thanks for all the advice :)
  14. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    I guess it depends on your skin type and definitely younger skin is more springy!!
    Health definitely outweighs a bit of saggy skin though in my opinion!!
  15. MollyMolly

    MollyMolly Silver Member

    I'm nearly 50, had 3 children in 3 1/2 years in my mid/late 20's and have lost 1/2lb shy of 10 stone since last September ... and I only have loose skin on my upper inner thighs and (of course) my 'Mother's Apron' which, to be fair I had even before I put on the majority of my weight.

    Everywhere else is fine :) (and I don't moisturise or exercise - though I will start some toning exercises once I hit target ... possibly ;) )
  16. sam_tia

    sam_tia Full Member

    10 stone in 10 months omg!!!!! What an inspirational lady!!! All on slimming world?!
    Also I'm 27 never been thin..... And I wonder abut skin but to be honest I would rather baggy skin that being fat!
  17. ColJack

    ColJack Gold Member

    It's taken a while, and will probably never go completely away but my loose skin is slowly shrinking..

    Being as stretched as it was ( I've lost over half my starting weight so there was room for 2.. ) I don't think I'll ever be a speedo model without the aid of a surgeons knife but at least clothed you can dress to hide it mostly..
  18. MollyMolly

    MollyMolly Silver Member

    Yes all on slimming world :) Thanks Hon ... and I agree, I'd rather have a few baggy bits (cunningly concealed with control knickers and a body shaper in my case lol) than have the weight back.
  19. sam_tia

    sam_tia Full Member

    OMG Molly Molly I cannot believe u lost 10 stone in 10 months!!!!! That's soooooo amazing! Well done you!
    You got any tips?! Words of wisdom for a newbie on week 3
  20. MollyMolly

    MollyMolly Silver Member

    My tips? Ummmm ....

    I do mainly red days using a lot of superfree, tend not to snack between meals and have concentrated on reducing portion sizes (I'm really bad at recognising when I'm full and stopping eating, so I've gradually reduced portion size as I've gone along). When I started I did meal plans for a month at a time, to save me having to think about my menu each day and I have a massive batch cooking session once a month for the freezer, so I always have a 'ready meal' handy for those evenings when I really can't be bothered to cook from scratch. I don't drink alcohol anyway, so I think that's really helped as I know a lot of people struggle with that and syns.

    But my main tips aren't meal related lol ...When it comes to 'bad' food I've found that nothing tastes as good as I think it's going to, so I try to keep that in mind. I've completely stopped rewarding myself with food or drink - I've substituted by treating myself to craft stuff because that's my hobby/obsession, but charms or make-up or beauty treatments are good alternatives too :) and I keep myself busy ... as long as my hands and brain are engaged in something I don't even think about food. In fact I'm almost disinterested in food these days - Christmas, Easter and family birthdays etc are about enjoying the company and making the most of time with the ones I love rather than cake or food in general and I love that it's not dominating my life like it used to - it's like a mental weight has been lifted as well as the obvious physical weight!

    Good luck on your journey ... whatever route you take, you will get there if you just keep plugging away at it for as long as it takes :D
  21. sam_tia

    sam_tia Full Member

    Wow thanks Molly Molly!
    I'm on the EE but I guess later down the line I may find it best to try red/green days!
    I love the place your in, where food is not everything and I look forward to getting to that place. I def think I'm on the way to it!!!! I went out for a meal last weekend n just sat there thinking god it's not even that nice!
    I hope in 10 months i can have such a dramatic loss! That would just be amazing!
    now had 2 weigh ins and lost 9.5 lb so I'm on my way to that first stone of many!
    Thanks for sharing ur wisdom!

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