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loose woman- Clothes sizes

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Hmm.. im slightly deflated!

Watching loose woman where they are discussing how certain un-named stores have been secretly doing somthing called 'vanity sizeing' meaning they have ajusted thier measurments on garments, calling them a size 10, when they are in fact closer to a 12, a 12 is more a 14 etc.

Now, this bothers me for the simple fact, i have always 'aimed' for a certain dress size, not neccisarly numbers. My sister is 3 inchs taller than me and wears a 10. . however, all my clothes are now a size 10, theres just over a stone difference between our weights (obvs i weigh more) and i accept im a curvy 10. But am i really a ten? we do look very different but everyone really does hold thier weight differently so thought nothing of it..

have i been tricked ?! and how would i ever know. :mad:
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I have also heard of this. Its not uncommon at all, how often have you heard someone say that they have been a certain size in one shop but a different one in another?

I think the best thing to do really, is go by how something fits. There is no universally agreed measurement for dress sizes and so some shops will take advantage of that by making women believe they are smaller than they would be in other shops, so that they are flattered into the item and buy it.

Bottom line, dont worry about it, if it fits and it looks nice, the rest is just a number.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
haa, allie i do that! size 10 seemed miniscule before.. and my size 18's looked like tents..

no i pick up my 10's and often iv thought, did i save any of my size 14 trousers?!

once youv worn them they never quite look as 'feel-good' when you hold them up do they!? xx
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It's been a fact for years. If you're smaller in one shop you're more likely to buy from there. A size 10 during the early 1900's was FAR smaller than our 10 now, thing is nowadays all the shops do different sizing because the companies who make them tend to cut them from their own unique pattern sizes. Don't feel disheartened though, it's how you feel you look than the number on a label.
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Wow Fern even yo be a 12 is bloody amazing...................I agree bottom line is if it fits, looks good, feels good what the hell.

You know how much weight you have lost. A label in a pair of jeans isn't going to change that.

Also the difference in yours and your sisters heights will make all the difference in the way you look.

Fern, you are a star ...........

hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I tried on a beautiful vintage dress in a charity shop once, think it was late 70's maybe early 80's and it was a 14. It wouldn't go near me. I was gutted!!
I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from a 10 to a 14, all bought when I'd lost weight. I often have to buy a 14 in Miss Selfridge but can get a 10 in Next and M&S.

As long as I look good I don't care, whereas when I was bigger I told myself that the shop sizes were rubbish and cut the labels out!
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
As long as I look good I don't care, whereas when I was bigger I told myself that the shop sizes were rubbish and cut the labels out!

Me too !!! But now I want to put the sizes on the outside lol.....well not quite yet.
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funny you should say that- all my jeans are a 10 and all from next. They'r the best fitting and comfiest! (sp) ... i suspect a 12 most likley then! humpf LOL
This is sort of related, but in the Sunday Mirror magazine two weeks ago (the body issue) they looked at about 6-8 women who all weighed 10 stone, and their dress sizes really varied.
It's upstairs, I'll have to dig it out.


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my mum's got a size 14 dress in her wardrobe that she's had since she was about 16. she's now 56, and it's actually a 'today-size' 10! we measured it against size 10 jeans... shocking!
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As much as I'd like to say that I don't go by what size I am, I do, but I've never been one to aim for a certain size. All shops do different sizing. I have to get a size bigger in NEXT, but can get a size smaller in Evans. Same as shoes sizes, it all depends what fits, doesn't it?

I have a friend who is convinced that she is a size 14, but looks bigger. I reckon if she went up a size, then she would look slimmer because the clothes would fit better, but she refuses, saying that wearing size 16 clothes would make her feel fat! At the end of the day, so long as you look and feel good, what does it matter what size you wear?
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It's VERY irritating. I have clothes that range from an 16-12, and I have no idea what size I am. In any given shop I need to take the size 16,14 & 12 in whatever I'm trying on cos I just have no clue.

I dont give a hoot what 'size' I am, but A uniform size chart would be very useful.

Whilst flattering my ego, I think New Look are one of the worst offenders of this!
I have clothes that range from 20 to 28 (OK, the 28s are far too big, but still comfy!). As well as the differences between brands, the fabric and construction make a difference too.

I get my trousers from M&S and find I always have to try them on for the size AND for the leg length. In a lot of their trousers I have the short leg, but in some I have the standard length. No idea why this should be.

Buying things from eBay is a bit more difficult, but I stick to the brands that I know the sizing of, and I know to avoid certain makes which do not suit my shape at all.


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I think it works both ways. When I was "big" I bought a size 20 fitted shirt from sainsbury's "Tu" range. Convinced myself their sizes must come up small. Four years later, bought a pair of jeans from the same range in a size 8. Told myself their sizes must come up big ;)

I'm generally a size 10 & there's no way I'm an 8 in jeans, though maybe in skirts, as I have a small waist but chunky legs! But I like the size 8 label :D

Now I'm confused - was I bigger then than I thought or am I bigger now than they'd like me to think :confused:
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yeah hun I agree it is frustrating when I got into size 10 i was so happy but then I started to question how cause to me I don't look a size 10 thats how i found out what they did and i felt really disheartened.
one thing to remeber I guess is we all have different body shapes so we all are gonna look different in those size 10's in preportion I have a small wise compared to the rest of me so I supect thats why I can get in a size 10 but still look like a 14
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omg I feel sick just went to look at next website and its saying i should be a size 16 all my clothes are 10-12 from different stores
think i best mesure myself again
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This is refelcted in the whole 'but Marilyn Munroe was a size 16' thing. She may well have been, but not a size 16 of today's proportions.

I bought a skirt from Episode a while back off ebay which was an 18 - crikes it was tiny - more like a 14.

I bought some lovely PJs from cyberjammies yesterday and had to get an 18 but have been buying 16s of late.

I think the more expensive brands stick to traditional sizing but most High Street brands vanity size to increase sales.

That is why I want to be a 12/14 as I will then know that I will be able to go into all shops and have a good choice, even if it means buying a 16 becasue that particular brand/shop size small.

I'm not that bothered by weight or labels, how I look and feel is more important to me.

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