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Lose 30 Stone or Die!

Discussion in 'Movies, Music and TV' started by fiona78, 9 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. fiona78

    fiona78 Well-Known Member

    It's repeated tonight at 8 on ITV2.
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  3. Deb G

    Deb G Well-Known Member

    Worth a watch!!
  4. leesy

    leesy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up - I was gutted to miss this last time around, apparently an amazing story!

  5. fiona78

    fiona78 Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd bump this as it's about to start on ITV2+1!
  6. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    just watched it ............. he was totally transformed
  7. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

    I just watched it. What an amazing transformation!

    But the thing I liked was that, for once, it was a programme that didn't just focus on someone who was 'super-morbidly obese' and how they were going to lose the weight but looked into WHY he had become so large in the first place. A very interesting programme, sympathetically filmed.
  8. BlackRose

    BlackRose Well-Known Member

    exactly russiandoll - lots of ppl who've never had a weightproblem seem to think its just greed -anyone watching that guy's story can see how its a culmination of many things - and not necessarily your textbook unhappy childhood either. It was a lovely documentary I watched it first time and it played a big part in my decision to try lipotrim again. I have 5 stone to lose, if I dont face my issues now whats to stop me getting to 30 stone or more. I believe the only difference between ppl at 5 stone overweight and 30 stone overweight is the time in which they can face their food demons.

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