Lose inches not weight?


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Exactly what it says on the tin, can you lose inches and no weight? last week i got into a new pair of jeans that were too tight a few weeks ago so i thought i must have lost quite a few pounds that week but i only lost 1. People commented at class before knowing what id lost that my legs looked thinner and my jeans were baggier. Is it possible?
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I think its possible, I've heard of it before but i'm not quite sure how it works? I think it happens when you do a lot of exercise, and the fat is kind of replaced my muscle, so legs would be more toned and slimmer, although weight wouldnt have differed much because muscle is denser?

This is how I think of it, but im not sure if its the actual science or just something i've heard before! x

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Def take measurements as well as watching the scales! By my own shameful admittance I do very little exercise at the moment but have lost 14.5 inches from all over my body in 3 months - I'm loving my new shape forming xx


I will do this!!!
well i haven't done any exercise in ages so it cant be that! i'll definately take measurements now though.