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Lose the baby weight challenge

Well hello there folks.

This is second week of a rejoin to SW. The first time I joined 3 years ago I managed to shift 5 stone. My weight has always been an issue until I found SW now I eat well and have managed to keep the weight off. But I have just had another baby, she is 6 months old and so its time to get cracking at what I know will work.

Somehow, I managed to gain 2lb in my first week on EE. You guys have explained a few things to me and I think I know where I went wrong. If you are used to green and red EE seems so difficult but I love the flexibility and so I will give it another go.

Anyhoo, enough chatter. Here we go...Extra Easy

Brekkie: Apple, banana and herbal tea with sweetener

Snack: Muller light yoghurt and and apple

Early lunch: Tuna pasta salad with spring onions, carrots, cucumber and 2 tbsp extra light Mayo (1.5 syns)

Snack: Mini stir fry with egg noodles, king prawns, chillies, celery, mushrooms and onion and 1 tbsp parmasan (1.5 syns) With Banana

Dinner: SW chips with an omelette containing grated carrots, spring onion, mushrooms, tomato and chillies.

Late evening snack (still to eat): Ready Brek (HE B) with 175ml whole milk (HE A)

1 Choccy Digestive (4.0 syns)
1 Custard Cream (3.0 syns)

Total syns: syns

Now ladies, have I done this right so far. I have made sure that I am following the 1/3 Super free rule which isn't that hard as it actually isn't that much. The ratios work quite nicely I think.

I am a massive eater, you'll see as the days go on, lol! :D
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Hiya hun, menu looks good! Im Emma and i have a baby daughter who is nearly 7 months! Ive found it really hard to shift the baby weight. Do you mind if i check on your diary for inspiration? Ive had such a rubbish week and i know im going to gain this week xx
Hi Emma,

of course I don't mind, we can knock ideas about if you like.

Baby weight can be a bugger to shift but we will get there in the end. Sorry you've had a bad week, don't beat yourself up though as it happens to all of us.

How long have you been following the plan?
ive only been on plan for two weeks, first week great, 2nd week unbelievably bad lol! I had a mummy and babys lunch where food was provided, a bbq, a christening, and then i just felt sorry formyself lol



Slimming for my children
hiya/ congrats on baby./
I have a 5 month old and am now 5 lbs away from my pre preg weight and then from then on its all downhill for me lol.
Been on it 5 weeks and lost 16lbs!

Good luck.
Hi guys,

Its nice to know there are a few more ladies in the same boat as me! Good luck! It's weigh in night tonight, so keep your fingers crossed. x

Red day today. I thought I would stick with Extra Easy but as they say, "variety is the spice of life". Besides, I kept thinking about those Morrison's sausages!

I have decided that no matter what plan I have for the day I will eat fruit and yougurt up and till lunch time. That way I can be sure to get in plenty of super free foods. Here is what I have eaten so far...

Brekkie and all snacks until lunch: Fresh Pineapple, 2 apples, 2 bananas, 1 Muller light Yoghurt (on special at Tesco, 6 pack for £3)

Late lunch (Ava and I walked to Morrison's to get the scrummy sausages, only just got back): Peppered Mackerel (1.0 syn per 28g. I had 56g so 2.0 syns), 2 scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and 1 Morrison's Eat Smart sausage (0.5 syns).

Dinner: Two small chicken breast stuffed with Extra Light Soft Cheese, cracked black pepper and garlic. Served with carrots and broccoli.

Chocolate digestive 4.0 syns
Cookie 2.0 syns

Total syns 9.5

I have lost a grand total of 1lb. I wasn't thrilled initially but a loss is a loss and at least it means that I am doing something right!
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Extra Easy


I lots a 1lb last night. I was a bit upset, wanted to lose at least 2lb but a loss is a loss. Onwards and upwards...

Brekkie and all snacks until lunch: Apple, 1 1/2 bananas, fresh pineapple, Muller light yoghurt, 2 herbal tea's with sweetener.

Lunch: 2 Eat Smart sausages (1.0 syns), SW chips with broccoli and carrots.

Snack 4 Ryvita original with with jam (2.0 syns)

Dinner:Salmon with roasted vegetables.

Supper: Stir fry with king prawns, chillies, mushrooms, onions
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Green Day:

Brekkie and all snacks until lunch: Banana, 2 herbal teas, one Muller light (felt bloated so kept it light)

Lunch: SW chips, eggs and beans

Dinner: Stir fried rice (using Veetee Basmati (1.5 syns per tub), mushrooms, prawns (113 g HE B), spring onions, grated courgettes and carrots, chillies

Snack: 4 Ryvita original (HE B) with jam (2.0 syns) and 28g cheddar (HE A)
Choc digestive 4.0
Cookie 2.5

10 syns in total

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