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Lose to gain! Cherryade's Diary

Hello! Here's my first ever diary!

I am an emotional eater. I like luxury, good quality food and drink and celebrate with food, commiserate with food and eat when Im bored, happy, sad etc.

I am a step mummy to 2 lil ones of 7 and 10 who I bring up with my partner. We would like to complete our 'unconventional' family with a baby of our own. My first, his last. The kids have been nagging us for years for a sister.... we would love to give them one but my weight, age and polycystic ovarian syndrome means we have obstacles to overcome.

Im 36 yrs old, 5' 9, size 18-20 and my last weigh in was 18st 12lb. It has taken me @ a year to lose @ 2 stone. My heaviest ever was @ 21 stone.

I have kick started my plan this week, having been on and off plan depending on my mood for the past year. Now is the time to get on with it. My next birthday is on its way and if we stand any chance of completing our family then I have to take responsibility for what goes in my gob!!

I see a consultant due to my pcos. He wants to see some good results in the next 3 weeks, hence the spur to get back on the wagon. He says I may need surgery to remove my cysts so aiding conception and my weight is the difference between a caesarian style op or key hole surgery.....

I exercise by walking and cycling and find SW the only plan that is realistic for me and my family. I am pretty fit for a 'big girl' and can ride 10 miles quite happily. My problem is actually doing it! So this week has seen a new me, Ive been sticking to plan, going on @ 5 mile bike rides every day and am feeling good about it all.

I get v easily dissapointed at weigh in's and think 'ah sod it' and fall off plan if I dont have a really good loss. I need to sort this to succeed.

I eat the same things and get bored and fall off the wagon. I have got some fab recipes from this site and Im hoping it will be my saving grace this time round!

I can be v easily led. My sister (who has always been v slim) thinks she's being nice to me by encouraging 'treat' foods. I love and respect and look up to her and often I give in thinking 'yea she's right I DO deserve this treat'. Often the treat is a high syn pud and I then feel guilty afterwards... and usually wreck the rest of my day... or week. I need to work out how to deal with this.

My partner is v supportive but doesnt understand SW - I will prepare a low syn 'treat' and he looks and says 'should you be having that?' and thinks SW cant work as its not hugely restricting and thinks all diets should be..... I get fed up explaining that is does work.... and the fact Ive dropped 2 stone in the last year surely proves that?!


I love the feeling of getting back in my favourite clothes
I love the summer and feeling lighter in the summer is a real treat for me - lighter me, lighter clothes, lighter days
I love riding my bike and feeling strong
I love the fact that I have heard so many women say they fall pregnant when they have lost weight. I hope my time comes soon.

Im almost at the end of week one (this is day 5) and its been really good so far. Im hoping for a good loss as I want to get 12lb off before I see my consultant on the 15th May. But tbh any loss is a good loss as he and I just want to see a reduction, Ive been plato'ing at around 19 st for months now.

o0o0o0 that was cathartic! Im glad I had the courage to write all that down!

Thanks for reading if you have got this far!!
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Is so very nearly there!

Stay with us and we will help as much as we can...

Good Luck
Good luck with your journey - you sound like you have things clear. I'm sure with your positivity you will be fine, and this is an amazing forum for support and inspiration.

K xx


On a journey !
oh you sound such a lovely person, please stick to this and be positive and we will help you all we can. Any questions then please feel free to ask, anything at all. So here goes...............xxx
WOW! Thankyou for your kind words!! Im just off out on my bike to meet 'the' sister! I shal wear my pudding blinkers!!

Thanks again, means alot xxx


Is so very nearly there!
pmsl @ pudding blinkers! Just think it will all be worth it the pud wouldnt be nice anyhoo! Scan Bran is much better! x
I cycled to meet her, and back, beat my usual time of 35 mins each way with 18 mins there and 20 mins back - wahoo! .... and I only had free food and NO pud! I even dodged the bread rolls and butter - usually my downfall as I LOVE them!

Feeling good.
Teehee, pudding blinkers!!! Haha, where do you buy them from?

Welcome to MM's hun and the best of luck x


Is so very nearly there!
Well Done Cherry- bet you feel well proud of yaself and so ya should!?
Even better today as I jumped on the scales in Boots (was free so would be rude not too lol) and Ive lost 4lb since I went on their scales on Sunday (me and my mum do a weekly weigh in when we go shopping as she doesnt go to class anymore as she has COPD and struggles to get about) ... so Im a happy cherry today!

Thanks so much for your support, it really means alot and really helps me. Im a sensitive soul and I was really worried about joining a forum, but you lot are THE BEST!
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Well here ends week one for me.

Its been a good week. Ive stuck to plan, cycled 28.5 miles and feel positive. Had a 4lb loss and am feeling happy.

Fingers crossed I can keep it up!
Thankyou :)

Had a weigh in today - I know I only WI on Sat but Ive got the consultant tonite and I wana know what I weigh before I go!! Scales say another 2lb loss - but Im taking it with a pinch of salt and will see what I am next week - at least I will know how similar the scales are tho!

Had a ropey night last night and hung on in there, doesnt take much to throw me off but I stuck with it :) .... just....thanks to angies syn free pancakes!

Day 9 almost done :)
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soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, you have done really well, keep up the good work and hope all goes well when you see your consultant x
Thankyou lovelies :)

I had to have a scan of my ovaries as it was she said they both look fine (SHOCK!) and HURRAH! The weight loss is definatley helping my pcos it seems :)
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Well I set out to lose 12lb by today, the day I had to go back and see my consultant.... and i did it! I was 121kg (19.1) last visit (2 months ago) and this time I was 114kg (18.1).

He says all my tests are now looking normal, so the weight loss has definatley helped :)

So much thanks to you great folks on here, this place and you lot are lifesavers!! Id have got bored and fallen off the wagon by now, definatley.

I promised myself that if I did it I would treat myself to a cheese scone from the local bakery with real butter - that thought kept me going I can tell you lol. I used to have them alot but its amazing how much better they taste when you havent had one for a month and youve earnt it (and it's only 19 syns for the lot - which isnt that awful considering I promised myself I could have whatever I wanted!!)

Its funny tho, Ive allowed myself a flexi day by way of celebration but Im reaching for my usual low syn and free food. I like how I eat now, but its great to have a feeling of achievement.

Ive had a hen night, 3 birthday parties and a meal out and Ive still managed it in 4 straight weeks, SW really does work - I feel almost evangelical about it right now LOL!!