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Losing for Cruising

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Reander, 29 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Thought this would be a good place to keep track of my thoughts/emotions/eating and a great way to try and keep on track. If you want to comment, have a chat or have any tips you're more than welcome to! I do love a good chit chat :D

    A bit about me. I'm 28 and due to health problems I have next to no mobility some days and other days can manage a bit. I've gradually been putting more and more weight on but decided enough is enough. I'm definitely an emotional eater, if i'm stressed i'll eat, if i've been good i'll reward myself with chocolate, happy occasion = food. It's not a good mindset. I lost 2 stone a few years ago through calorie counting but it just wasn't for me because I could use my whole days calories on eating junk food, so SW seems to be a better approach and is changing the way I think about food. I'm sure in part my lack of mobility doesn't help but I can't keep blaming everything on that because I know I over eat and there are definitely a few health problems that i'm hoping will improve once I lose a few stone. I'm off on a cruise in October, so while I have no real time frame I want to do this in, it would be nice to go down a few dress sizes and just feel a bit better about myself in general.

    A few starting facts:

    Starting weight: 18 st 13.5 lbs
    Current weight: 17st 10.5 lbs
    Goal weight: 11st (ish)
    Starting size: 20/22ish
    Goal size: 12 (ish)
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  3. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Feeling a bit poorly today and also a bit down and I'm reallllly wanting some junk food, first real craving i've had since starting. Still have a few syns leftover so I might have a cookie with my milk before bedtime :p

    Brekkie/lunch: scrambled eggs, mushrooms, veggie bacon (4 syns), brown sauce (1 syn) and x2 wholemeal toast (heB)
    Dinner: 'roasted' potatoes, x2 quorn fillets and roasted veggies in smoked paprika
    Snacks: grapes, pear, cookies (7.5 syns)
    Drinks: 250ml ss milk (heA), 2 litres water w/ nas squash, fanta zero
  4. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Still a bit under the weather and a bit stressed with end of year uni work, normally I'd turn to snacking on chocolate while I study but had grapes instead.


    Mediterranean mugshot, Special K chewy delight bar (heB), grapefruit w/ splenda
    Dinner: roast potatoes, roast carrots and parsnips and quorn roast all done in fry light and gravy (1syn)
    Snacks: x3 babybel light (heA), grapes, more grapes, pear, banana, quorn roast, plum and something else worth 5 syns that I can't remember
    Drinks: 2.5 litres water w/ nas squash, can diet coke

    Brunch: grapefruit w/ Splenda, omelette w/ mushrooms and spinach
    Dinner: quorn chilli (carrots, garlic, quorn mince, peppers, mushrooms, butternut squash) w/ rice and tzatziki
    Snacks: Special K chewy delight bar (heB), x3 babybel light (heA), grapes, 2 squares dark chocolate (6 syns), plum, banana
    Drinks: 4 litres water w/ nas squash, 500ml diet dr pepper
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  5. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Busy day so been eating on the go. Lots of stress coming up this week so hoping I handle it well and don't comfort eat. I stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies so I can snack on that instead of junk :)


    Brekkie/lunch on the go: special k chewy delight bar (heB), banana, strawberries
    Dinner: Leftover chilli with rice and tzatziki
    Snacks: cherries, strawberries, dark chocolate (13 syns)
    Drinks: 250ml diet dr pepper, 1.5 litres water w/ nas squash
  6. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Been very good so far today, despite wanting to much on everything in sight :rolleyes: Especially when listening to 3+ hours of dull audio recordings! Not a clue what i'm going to have for dinner today, I usually look forward to dinner as I have loads of ideas and usually end up with something tasty but i'm feeling uninspired. Maybe SW chips since they're nice and easy.


    Breakfast/Lunch: salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and peppers) w/ balsamic vinegar and quorn pieces (much more yum than it sounds)
    Dinner: SW chips, x2 quorn sausages (2 syns), x2 wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (hexB), 1 tbsp reduced salt and sugar ketchup (1 syn), lots and lots of mushrooms since i'm low on other veg
    Snacks: x3 babybel light (hexA), 0% shape mango yoghurt, dark chocolate (7 syns), cherries, salad with balsamic vinegar and x3 quorn slices
    Drinks: 5 litres water w/ nas squash, 250ml diet dr pepper
    Last edited: 3 June 2014
  7. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Feeling really bloated today which is unlike me, TOM I think. Been snacking on strawberries to stop me from wanting the not so good for me things, I think it's working lol.


    Brunch: mushroom and quorn sausage omelette (1 syn), half a pink grapefruit w/ splenda
    Dinner: pasta bake (pasta, passata, courgettes, carrots, mushrooms, garlic and quark) w/ 40g reduced fat cheddar (hexA)
    Snack: strawberries, x2 70cal alpen bars (hexB)
    Drinks: 3.5 litres water w/ nas squash, 500ml dr pepper zero
    Last edited: 3 June 2014
  8. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Ended up having quite a tasty dinner, made a pasta bake and used quark (where i'd normally make a really rich cheese sauce), really couldn't notice the difference which was surprising. Did top it with my hexA of cheddar to give it that cheesy taste. Had to stop myself from scoffing it all because I made too much pasta and was definitely satisfied. Old me would have definitely eaten the whole thing and had some bread with it :rolleyes:
  9. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Ugh, very very stressed today and I think it's showing in my food, I've not really eaten today, but i'm going to force myself to stop working for an hour and have dinner and take some mango to my desk so I get something. I have a long long night ahead of trying to finish the last of my uni work for the year, I made sure I have no junk food in sight because I am sure come 4am I will want some :rolleyes:

    Weighed in today and I was 100% sure i'd gained, but I actually lost half a pound. I still think i'm holding some water weight though. I'm finding myself disappointed, but i'm not sure why because a loss is a loss and i've already lost loads over the past 5 weeks. Maybe because I know people who are doing SW and they regularly go over on their syns in a major way, so when I try so hard to stick to plan it can be frustrating I guess. Anyway enough rambling.


    Lunch: beans on x2 toast from 400g loaf (hexB)
    Dinner: jacket potato w/ cottage cheese, x3 quorn slices, salad (lettuce, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes) w/ balsamic vinegar
    Snacks: a whole mango, baked potato w/ beans and 40g reduced fat cheddar (hexA), salad, 25g mixed seeds (7 syns)
    Drinks: 3 litres water w/ nas squash
    Last edited: 5 June 2014
  10. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    So extremely tired today from no sleep. I also feel really nauseous but managed to eat 3 meals in the end. I'm going to be out all day tomorrow so unfortunately lunch will probably be Italian but I'm going to try eat a big brekkie before I set off so I hopefully won't overeat at lunch.


    Breakfast: omelette (courgettes, mushrooms, potato, garlic)
    Lunch: sachet of mushroom soup (4 syns) w/ x2 slices of wholemeal bread from 400g (hexB) and a whole mango
    Dinner: quinoa, steamed carrots and cauliflower and x2 quorn fillets w/ paprika
    Drinks: 3 litres water w/ nas squash, 250ml sprite zero, 250ml ss milk (hexA) w/ 3 tsp drinking chocolate (3.5 syns)
  11. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Feeling very run down and sick today. Not helped by a stressful day started by my darn car not starting, then car failing mot and finding lots wrong with it. So I've been wandering around aimlessly since 8am with only an alpen bar to go on till I managed to get lunch. Think my Saturday will be sent sleeping.


    Breakfast: alpen bar
    Lunch: tagliatelle w/ green beans, peas, chillis, tomatoes and courgettes. Could see the kitchen and veggies were chopped and straight on the grill but saw a smidge of olive oil bring used so I'm guessing 6 syns because it was just a dash.
    Dinner: salad w/ quorn pieces and 30g cheddar (hexA)
    Snacks: raspberries
    Drinks: small mango fruit cooler from costa (8.5 syns), 350ml water, diet coke, 500ml water, 1.5 litres water w/ nas squash
    Last edited: 7 June 2014
  12. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Having a fairly good day food wise, although not sure what's for dinner maybe roasted veggies and potato wedges or a chilli. The kitchen is far too hot to cook really but I don't fancy salad again. Saw my dad and his wife today and haven't seen them since I started sw. Step mum said you could see my face looked thinner and I looked a bit smaller which was nice to hear although I can't see any changes yet myself lol.


    breakfast: mushroom soup (4 syns) w/ x2 slices wholemeal toast from 400g (hexB) and a punnet of raspberries
    lunch: salad w/ quorn pieces, balsamic vinegar and 30g cheddar (hexA)
    dinner: wedges, x2 quorn fillets w/ paprika, roasted veggies (courgette, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, salt, paprika and fry light) and natural yoghurt
    snacks: satsuma, cherries, 16g mixed seeds (4.5 syns)
    drinks: 3 litres water w/ nas squash, 250ml diet mango sparkling water
    Last edited: 7 June 2014
  13. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Visiting family in London today and my lift showed up earlier than they were supposed to. In 4 years they have never ever been on time lol. So I grabbed a banana as I went out the door and then got some salad from a salad bar. Filled it up with mostly veggies, a tiny bit of potato salad in an ev olive oil and vinaigrette dressing and a tablespoon of coleslaw, I estimate about 7 syns total since I made sure to get as little dressing as possible, probably a tablespoon or two total, but I've not had anymore just to be safe. Finally did get to have dinner at 10pm so I was famished, but managed to make good choices where I'd have normally gotten a pizza! Also managed to turn down copious amount of sweets. Idk what makes people offer you biscuits and sweets even after you say why you're not eating them for the tenth time!


    breakfast: banana
    lunch: salad bowl (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, egg, peppers, potato salad (had olive oil in, probably enough for my hexA) and coleslaw) (7ish syns), peach
    dinner: baked beans, scrambled eggs, x2 wholemeal toast from 400g (hexB), x2 low fat quorn sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes, 1 tbsp brown sauce (1 syn)
    snacks: peaches, cherries
    drinks: 3 litres water w/ nas squash, 1 bottle diet coke, 500ml water
  14. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Hmm well had a change of plans for today so I am now going away for the night, I think dinner will be vegetable lasagne, so I'll try to have no syns the for the rest of the day because bechamel sauce and cheese is probably fairly high in syns. I'll keep trying to ignore all the dessert items and chips etc lol. Oh and I'll take some fruit with me because I normally get hungry about midnight and I think I'll be on the go Tuesday too so it will be good for snacks.


    Lunch: baxters Mediterranean tomato soup (hexB), orange
    dinner: parsnip soup with baguette and butter, vegetable lasagne (hexA) w/ chips and salad w/ dressing and a chocolate torte w/ cream, a wafer and a bit of raspberry sauce
    snacks: satsuma, apricots
    Drinks: 2.5 litres water w/ nas squash
    Last edited: 10 June 2014
  15. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Well last nights dinner did not exactly go to plan, It went waaaaaay off plan actually :eek: The meals were buy one get one free and mum wanted a starter so I had one, soup which was made with stock and no cream, however it was served with half a small fresh baguette and a tiny bit of butter (not a huge fan of butter anyway). Only one veggie main on the menu so had a lasagne which was mostly a tomato based sauce and a little bit of cheese sauce, enough for my hexA of milk, no cheese sprinkled on top which was good. It was served with a large salad thankfully, but also came with some rather delicious chips. Then dessert. Oh dear me dessert... A looovely chocolate torte served with cream, which I'm also not a big fan of so only poured a teeny bit on, maybe a tbsp at most, and a little wafer and raspberry sauce (which I also dipped my spoon into once and left).

    So all in all not the most well behaved night :rolleyes: Although one saving grace is that I did drink tap water lol. I don't feel guilty however, it's a very very rare occasion that I will go out for a meal with more than one course so I know I went way over on syns, I'm good with it and I know it probably won't happen again for many many months. I'm hoping I'll still have a loss at wi tomorrow!
  16. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Ooh I forgot today's food, I've been much more well behaved and am actually not very hungry, which I suspect is because I'm feeling quite poorly today and can barely swallow :(


    breakfast: x2 wholemeal toast (from a big loaf so part hexB and I'm not sure how to syn the rest?) w/ 2 poached eggs, grapes
    lunch: didn't get a chance to eat as I was driving and really wasn't hungry at all!
    dinner: veggie chilli w/ rice and natural yogurt
    snacks: satsuma, orange, apricot, grapes
    drinks: 250ml water, 3 litres water w/ nas squash
  17. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Wi today and I really don't want to go as I feel so poorly, but I'm going to force myself to at least wi and see how busy it is before I decide if I stay to group. I'm in such a big group that it's so overwhelming sometimes, especially with panic attacks and anxiety! On top of feeling poorly I feel quite bloated today too so I hope I lose even a little bit.


    leftover chilli w/ natural yogurt
    1.5 litres water w/ nas squash
  18. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Good luck with your WI - your food for the week seems to have been spot on apart from the dinner out obv but we all have to live a little eh? :) .. I'm sure you're gonna have a loss on that scales this week:) GL.
  19. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Unfortunately still sick :( Did manage to make it to wi on Wednesday and lost 2lb, which I'm pretty happy with. Hoping I manage to lose a little more next week though.


    Lunch: leftover chilli w/ natural yogurt
    dinner: baked potato, salad, cottage cheese
    snacks: x4 Oreos (10 syns), tesco healthy living cereal bar (hexB), satsuma
    drinks: 2 litres water w/ nas squash, 1 litre diet pink grapefruit juice, 250ml ss milk (hexA)


    lunch: baked potato, cottage cheese, salad and quorn oieces
    dinner: noodle soup (noodles, quorn pieces, carrots, green beans, courgettes, peppers, stock cube, soy sauce, pepper, ginger and 30g cheddar (hexA)
    snacks: tesco healthy living cereal bar (hexB), orange, ice lolly (3 syns)
    drinks: 1 litre diet pink grapefruit juice, 1.5 litres water w/ nas squash, small costa fruit cooler (8.5 syns)
  20. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Oh and I'm going away for the weekend which I'm slinky dreading, mainly because it's with my grandma who is supremely fussy with food and pretty much only eats fish and chips or variations of that! Already decided to share chips one night with my mum so we don't have too many syns and have some mushy peas and fruit before or after. But the rest of the time I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm going to take beans so I can have beans on toast for breakfast but other meals are a bit up in the air atm.
  21. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Thank you Lauralashes! Didn't see your post until just now.

    I had a rather stressful weekend break, love my grandma but I do end up looking after her so came back more tense than when I left.

    I was on the whole pretty good, I tried to limit myself to one thing per day that was a bit naughtier food wise. Can't remember everything exactly, although I do remember the bad stuff :rolleyes: Really struggled to drink enough water while I was away though, I would take a 500 ml bottle out with me but was just forgetting to drink. The place we were staying was just one long street and it was seriously only arcades and junk food stalls. Like gourmet waffle carts, donut shops, candy floss, ice cream, burger vans, curry houses... It was definitely hard, especially on Sunday night when my dinner to 3 hours! To cook because the oven was so pathetic, but I managed to avoid most temptations.


    breakfast: baked beans and x2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g (hexB), apricot
    lunch: shared a dessert platter which had brownie, apple pie, ice cream, cream, peanut butter chocolate cake, pancakes and a waffle with maple syrup - can't for the life of me figure out how many syns but it was so tasty it was probably around 7000
    dinner: small chips, mushy peas, quorn pieces, tomatoes and around 40g reduced fat cheddar (hexA)
    snacks: grapes and blueberries
    drinks: 2 litres waster w/ nas squash, diet coke, pint water


    scrambled eggs, x2 toast 400g (hexB), mushrooms, 1 tbsp brown sauce (1 syn) and a bowl of raspberries
    lunch: a few quorn pieces, tomatoes and raspberries
    Dinner: vegetable lasagne, salad, 1 slice garlic bread and 5 chips - lasagne had a fair bit of cheese on so partly hexA and synned too
    snacks: raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
    drinks: 1 litre water w/ nas squash, x2 diet coke, bottle of diet 7up


    breakfast: scrambled eggs, x2 wholemeal toast 400g (hexB), mushrooms, baked beans, brown sauce (1 syn) and strawberries
    dinner: x2 new potatoes, quorn pieces, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers roasted in fry light and 40ish grams of reduced fat cheddar (hexA)
    snacks: 1 scoop honeycomb ice cream in a small cone, strawberries and blueberries
    drinks: 1 litre water w/ nas squash and 3 glasses diet pink lemonade
    Last edited: 16 June 2014

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