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Losing hair after rapid weight loss


Working My Way to Thin!
Just before Christmas I lost approx. 2 and a half stone fairly quickly, in the space of about 2 months.

it was a bit drastic as I was cutting out meals which I know is wrong and I now seem to be paying the price as my hair has started to fall out :cry:has this happened to anyone else? I would love to hear from you if you have had something similar

My understanding is that is due to the nutrient deficiency that my body would have suffered, but I am now eating more healthily and taken Vitamin B complex etc. but I am really worried that I am taking these too late and I will lose all my hair :(

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It would be worth taking a good multi vitamin and mineral, and working on a really balanced diet with enough protein. Some people find biotin helps too, but it may be worth seeing your gp, as it could be caused by other things than weight loss (thyroid probs, pcos etc)
I can only speak about my own personal experiences which sadly for me have not been positive.

I dropped just over 3 stone in 4 months back in 2006 and lost a tremendous amount of hair, I would not say 20p size bald spots, but the best way I could describe it would be if a piece of my scalp should have 100 hairs, I have about 65.

I have done everything to get it back, it never has. ( vitamins, minerals, Viviscal, scalp massages...).

On the other hand it could be related to my begining perimenopause at the same time, but whatever the case, I wear head scarves now.
This is happening to me too!

I have been to my gp who has done blood tests but I think it's down to the diet that I have been on.

From what I have read, it does not lead to total hair loss, but thinning all over. I am now taking multi vitamins and eating better but still shedding alot of hair. I don't know how long it goes on for, but it is supposed to be temporary!

It's horrible, I am in a real state about it!!!
The best thing ever for thinning hair is holland & barrat multivit and mineral. It's called 'super one'. Always give me new hair growth. Don't know why it works but it is only one that does work. Everytime I stop I notice a change in my hair.

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