Losing hair - why?


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I'd heard that this could be a side effect, but only over the last month (been doing LL 4 months now) have begun to notice hair loss.

Last night in the bath (I now fit beautifully with room to spare!) I washed my hair and really noticed the hair loss. I gathered all the bits together and put them in a heap on the edge of the bath. If this goes on much longer I may have a problem.

It's the same when I brush my hair. Lots of hair on the brush afterwards.

I do remember the same happening when I'd had a baby, but apparently when you're pregnant you don't lose much hair, it all comes out afterwards.

I'll do LL for another 4 weeks I think then go on to management.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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During winter hair does seem to shed more, no idea why? Hopefully it's just that and nothing more. Sorry i can't be much help but if you do get worried speak to your counsellor or GP....

Try not to worry hun


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Speak to your weigh in lady next time you go hun , im sure they hear about this alll the time and they will advise you the best they can x i lose loads of hair everyday and havent even started LT yet !


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Thanks Lucky and Mandi,

I will speak to my LL counsellor on Thursday. Hopefully I won't go bald! I can't see any bald patches so far ...

Not sure if I'll speak to my GP though, she wouldn't sign my form!


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Hi Amandajayne,
I was told by a friend that when you introduce food back into the diet thats when you loose hair?? I am not sure if it is true or not.
Try not to worry about it though.
Your wieght loss is truly amazing 5 stone 6 pound is unbeleivable. You must feel so good about yourself!! Well done!! You are a true inspiration!!


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apparently it always looks worse than it is, and sorts itself out once you are back on to food, so its not permanent.

Is your hair dark/long? its usually more noticeable if it is.



My hair has got a lot thinner too, fortunatley I had thick hair to start with. It`s only happened since I started eating again. Another lady in my group says it will stop after a few weeks - I hope she`s right. I`ve been eating food again since late November.


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Hi there honey

I lost a tonne of hair when I came off CD back in the summer......thought I was going to end up bald!!

Luckily I have a thick head a of hair, so it didnt really notice, but like yourself was loosing loads in the shower and when I brushed my hair I went out side to do it as so much was falling out!!

apparently it happens when you start eating again because your hair then replenishes itself. I did go through a phase of have very short spikey hair sticking out around my partin which looked a bit odd considering the rest of my hair is way past my shoulders!!!

Its all sorted itself out now though so you will be fine and I wouldnt worry too much!
Lou X


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Thank you everyone who has replied to my query. It means alot that I can talk to people out there who understand.:)

I have multitonal blonde highlights and shoulder-length hair (usually mousy brown!).


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My hair fell out loads too but seems to have stopped now.. but, as the others.. I have loads of the stuff so it's actually been beneficial in some ways (doesn't take 8 hours to dry naturally any more! lol).. if you find it gets very bad try talking to your hairdresser and see if they can recommend anything to rub in or styles that might help hide it if it is bothering you. :D


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I too loose clumps and I also have this new hair thats grown that makes me looks like i have spiky hair underneath my normally thin hair! Shows I had been picking too much over xmas that was my worst time!

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Below is response from CD Medical Officer on the CD forum for information:

As has been said, hair loss is a side effect of extensive weight loss over a sustained period of time, whatever the method of weight loss used.
Supplements containing keratin may help, as might Vitamin B complex supplements ( of these, biotin is arguably the most important for hair follicles).An oil supplement may help reduce the dryness of the hair.
Stress also causes hair loss, and it can be a vicious circle - the stress of the hair loss not helping!
If it is really unbearable, it might be a good idea to go on to a programme with food.


Hi AmandaJayne,

Just last night, a person in my group asked about the same question. It's all to do with the hairs natural growth patterns and unless there is some underlying cause will not be on going.

Each individuals hair grows a certain amount in a certain time span i.e 1 cm per month and it can be different for everyone. On top of that each hair has a lifespan, which may be for instance 3 months.

When you are in full fat burning mode the hair growth slows down or in some peoples cases stops. And at the end of a hairs lifespan it drops out. Therefore, your hair will appear to be thinning. However, for some reason this appears to happen when you are getting closer to the end of your weight loss journey, possibly because the body is fighting to allocate it's 'fat' resources to various bits and your using them all up.

Hope this helps.


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Just wanted to add that apparently it's only about 10% of people who have some hair loss and it is just temporary - the hair amost invariably grows back fuller and glossier than before!

Try not to worry, hun - I had some hair loss too but it's fine now!


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Im going through this as well.. and although I've always had a reasonable amount of hair loss in the shower, it's been getting ridiculous in the last week or so (my 100 days is up tomorrow).

I'm praying I can get through development without losing much more, and then I've decided to get quite a funky/choppy short-ish style (my hair is about boob length at the moment, so when i lose hair, its VERY noticeable to me). Then at least when the hair starts growing back it doesnt have so much catch up to do.