Losing sight of the reasons we wanted to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by futureyummymummy, 17 March 2009 Social URL.

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    Ok so I think soem of my problems may be related to the fact that instead of doing this for health reasons my mind is totally focussed on sizes and how quickly it's coming off etc etc.

    I thought I would write this to get down all teh reasons that I started in the first place bearing in mind not one of them was to do with clothes sizes!

    Diabetes, cancer and high bloody pressure all run in my family and being over weight makes it more likely that I'll get one of these.

    Lower my risk of heart disease/attack/stroke.

    Be able to run around after my children and look after them properly without practically collapsing out of breath after a couple of mins.

    I have a disease in my knee's which is exacerbated by being over weight and being in the healthy range will take the pressure off and stop this deteriorating even more.

    Ok so these were all my reasons for starting none of which I had even thought about in at least 6 weeks, writing this has brought them to the front of my mind and made me realise again that this really is important, I just need to realise that these are the reasons for losing weight not fitting into a size 12!

    Emma xXx
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  3. Foxtrot

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    Thank you Yummy. I needed that re focus too.

    Apart from the running around after children bit, all our reasons are the same including a knee problem!!!

    I'll swap the children for keeping up with my garden which is huge and takes up lots of time and needs energy (but I do love it so much!!).
  4. bigboy77

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    That post sums it all up really, you're your own therapy session right there! Whenever I have a wobble I try to see the bigger picture (which isn't always easy), my health, my breathing, relieving the pain I have from my feet, playing with my little boy when he grows up and so on. Its good to drag these thoughts to the forefront of our minds, it helps to put things in perspective, you seem to battling with yourself lately judging by your posts, I wish you all the best and I'm sure you'll get through this negative phase.
  5. pete10141748

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    Excellent post FYM, a great re-focus for anyone who is doing LL, and a much-needed "upper" for me this evening! :)
  6. somewhere_inside_is_me

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    Thanks Emma, I need to think this through but it is just the push I needed after a week of self-sabotage.
  7. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Me too

    My reasons for starting LL were also to do with my health. I have an underactive thyroid. My blood pressure and cholesterol were a little high, but not bad.
    I kept getting respiratory illnesses, chest infections, sore throats, bronchitis and pneumonia. I had anti-biotics, steroids, loads of time off work, very little energy, couldn't get better.
    Wanted to move to a smaller house, couldn't cope with the housework,ironing etc, etc. Had no energy to do my garden.Used to come home from work and go straight to bed. Had Policeman's Foot (plantar fasciitis). Could hardly put my foot to the ground let alone wear high heels! Wearing nice trendy clothes was not a consideration at all. I just wanted to feel better. i also knew I was a high risk of diabetes etc.
    I tell myself these things every day and thank my lucky stars. I have maintained now since mid-December and am just starting to feel less panicky.
    This is just the next phase of the same journey. I know I will keep the weight off.
    Just being and feeling healthy will remind me. The rest is just superficial for me and a lovely unexpected bonus.
    I lOVE IT. Thank you LL.
  8. thin_inside

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    FYM what a great post. The weight loss for me is about reducing my risk of heart disease and diabetes, being active with my kids and still being around for them when they have their kids. But it is all too easy to start focusing on getting into the next size down, the next stone down or lose even more inches. A timely reminder of the main purposes of our journey. xx
  9. Serena A

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    Thanks for posting FYM - I needed a reminder too. As I've been getting closer to goal I have been confusing my ideal "weight" with my ideal "shape" i.e. just because I have dropped a few lbs doesn't mean that I will suddenly be happy with the bodytype I was born with any more than losing weight will make me taller.

    As long as I am healthy (and since doing CD my asthma has all but disappeared and my blood pressure has returned to normal), that's ultimately all that I need worry about. Thanks again for helping me to refocus :)
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