Losing weight after having a baby. x

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  1. Taylor2014

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    Hello, My son was born January this year, he is 6 months old now, I can't believe it has already been half a year since he was born!

    I had 2 rounds of ivf for him after trying to conceive for 10 years & then losing both of my Fallopian tubes, a natural conception being impossible, ivf was my only hope!

    So my gorgeous little boy is the result of my second ivf cycle :)

    Anyway back to why I'm starting this diet..

    I have for the past few years hovered between 13 & 13 & a half stone, apart from when we were having ivf & I got to 12 & a half stone as the drs wanted my BMI down as it improves the chance of success, but with all the fertility drugs I gained maybe half a stone bringing me into the 13's again.

    During my pregnancy believe it or not I didn't gain any proper weight which I'm so pleased about, the minute my son was born at just over 8lb I went back to the 13 stone bracket so it was all literally baby weight I was carrying.

    I joined a meeting 4 weeks ago & started at 13 stone 9lb & 4 weeks on I'm 8lb lighter at 13st 1lb,

    *week 1* 4.5lb loss
    *week 2* 1lb loss
    *week 3* 2lb loss
    *week 4* 0.5lb loss

    Which brings me to now...

    Thought i would start a diary to help me stay motivated.

    Feel free to follow & if you have a diary I will follow back. x
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  3. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    19th July 2014

    Breakfast - Nutri grain bar (4pp)

    Dinner - warburtons white pitta, Bernard Matthews sandwich turkey, coleslaw & bag of quavers, banana (11pp)

    Tea - Chicago town pizza sub & coleslaw & salad cream (11pp)

    Total used - daily allowance - 26/28pp
  4. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    I'm having a good week which I'm happy about :)

    I took my son to the carnival today with my husband.. & my husband had loads of crap to eat & I had nothing!

    I came home got my son ready & up to bed & then I sat & had my tea, no snacking at all today!

    I'm really staying focused this time, I've never stayed at a meeting long enough to even get a silver 7 but I have this time,

    Looking forwards to weigh in on Wednesday. x
  5. dippychk

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    Hiya here to subscribe. Good luck on your journey and congrats on ur baby :) x
  6. Jess<3

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    Hi, I too am continuing weight loss after my son was born beginning of June :)
    He's 6 weeks tomorrow.
    I'm a slimming world girl but were all after one thing/.. To slim down!

    Congratulations on your boy and good luck with the weight loss x

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  7. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    Thank you :) x

    I'm off to town this morning shopping & my husband has decided it will be a good idea to go for a wetherspoons breakfast... Grrr he's not on the diet though!

    I'm going to have bacon, egg, toast, beans & a hash brown. Will be back on later to update the days food. x
  8. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

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    oh dear! Just choose whats best really. Cant he go somewhere thats better for you? He needs to help & support you in every way even if means him loosing out!! lol x
  9. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    Yesterday I had a small cooked breakfast, dinner I had banana & activia yoghurt & for tea I had a jacket potato, tuna & salad, before bed a I had a caramel cake bar as I was hungry so used all my dailies & 2 weeklies in total,

    Today has been

    Breakfast - banana & activia creamy (3pp)

    Dinner - warburtons white pitta, sandwich turkey, coleslaw & grated cheese, salad cream, & bag of quavers & chocolate jam teacake (19pp)

    was a bit gutted that I used that many for dinner as it wasn't the most filling meal, but hey ho I will know for future!

    Tea - weight watchers Mexican chilli with wedges meal & veg (6pp)

    Snack - another chocolate jam teacake (so small & not really worth the points) (2pp)

    Used all 28 dailies & 2 more weeklies. x
  10. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    I didn't enter diary yesterday as it was late by the time I remembered but I stayed on track, but ended having 9 weeklies as I was hungry, that's what they are there for though!

    Weighed at meeting today & lost 2.5lb so 10.5lb off in 5 weeks :)

    Lost 5% of my body weight now & got into the 12's this week!

    Next goal is to get to the stone off, so 3.5lb to go. x
  11. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    I put that id lost 10.5lb in 5 weeks but actually she has marked week 6 on my book, so in 6 weeks x
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  12. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

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    here to subscribe! your food sounds yummy! x
  13. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    Thank you x

    I STS this week, I'm not really sure why as I wasn't even bad to be honest, I did lots of walking over last weekend so I was a bit miffed actually, but I know it happens for what ever reasons so I'm not beating myself about it, I walked home in a bad mood though lol was over it by dinner time. x

    Today's food -

    Breakfast 3 pieces warbutons orange fruit bread & butter (8pp)

    Dinner - quavers (2pp)

    Tea - weight watchers hot pot, 2 pieces brown bread with light philadelphia (13pp)

    Snacks - 3 caramel snack a jacks (4pp)

    Total - 27/28pp
  14. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    I've been for a nice long walk today too,

    Put my son in his pram & walked for 60 minutes really fast, was sweaty by the time I got back,

    So 5 exercise points earned there, I don't plan to use them though see what happens this next week at weigh in as I've walked for an hour yesterday too. x
  15. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    Half a lb off this week, note to shout about but least it's in the right direction :)

    11lb off so far. x
  16. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

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    Well done that's great.
    I know it can be hard to diet with babies. I've a 3yr old and 9week old on Sunday!

    How old is yours? X
  17. Taylor2014

    Taylor2014 Member

    He is 6.5 months old now,

    Were does the time go! x
  18. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

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    Oh it really does!! My baby is 9 weeks tomorrow!

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