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Losing Weight Again


Have lost another four pounds.

I sat tight during my stall because I knew I'd start losing again at some point.

I eat well and generously and do not even try to starve. This will serve me very well when I come to maintain.

I was thrilled when I got off the scales this morning. A bit shocked, too!

Yay for low carbing!
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Yes, getting too hungry can be fatal. Our 'old' dieting mindset says, hunger is good; it means we are burning fat stores.... lol. We have to put all that behind us when low carbing because we are burning fat 24/7 WITHOUT hunger! Provided of course we eat enough to satisfy appetite.

Cravings are different, and low carbing takes care of most of those, too. Not all, but most.

I said to a friend yesterday - would have been great to have taken low carbing seriously years ago. But 'medical' advice was always against it, and mostly still is. For those sensitive to carbs this is a real shame. Never mind, we got around to it in the end!


running strictly on fat!
I know what you mean. I try not to allow myself to get hungry but in very strange way once I am in the "zone" I don't want to eat so only make sure I have little meals every 4 or 5 hours to make sure I will not get into starving mode. I love low-carbing!!!! It gives me so much energy and weight loss is very consistent.


running strictly on fat!
Yep, it's really great. Praying it really won't be so easy to slip out of it. Have a fab Monday hun xxx
Have exams all week so been slacking in my duties here!

Don't usually bother with ketostix but last night had a go. So pink! And one 'up' from 'trace'. Gratifying lol.

They are not infallible tho but I do feel cravings very much lessened so that's great.

The reading just confirmed what I was already experiencing. Carb creep is a real phenomenon and it can easily happen when using low carb commercially produced stuff. You'd be surprised at how little it can take to stall or regain on those replacement products and treats.

Must be stricter now!
I did it.

I got into the 10s for Christmas.

I now weigh 10st 12lb.

Thrilled is not the word! I might even take off another pound or two by the Day itself, but even if I STS, I will be blessed.

So glad I didn't lose heart during my stall.


running strictly on fat!
I did it.

I got into the 10s for Christmas.

I now weigh 10st 12lb.

Thrilled is not the word! I might even take off another pound or two by the Day itself, but even if I STS, I will be blessed.

So glad I didn't lose heart during my stall.
Fantastic news!!!! You know you can do it!!!!:0clapper::0clapper::0clapper::0clapper::26:
What a spirit! I'm sure you'll take another pound (or two) before Xmazz!
Keep up a good work xxx
Thank you so much!

There were times when I almost despaired of losing more before Christmas 2010! But you have to trust that this way of life works, and works well. It's not a VLCD, it feeds the body satisfying, delicious and healthy foods in moderate quantities.

My approach to help losses was to cut back drastically on sugar alcohols and low carb pasta and home made low carb bread. Not that I ate any of these things by the kilo but, on Atkins, little things can make a difference.

By the way MM I love that gif! It's gorgeous.

Just think, our 2010 can now be a slim one. Isn't that amazing? You go girl, and, like so many here and elsewhere, go on chasing your dreams, too.
Another 2lb gone. Amazed and grateful.

I had a lovely Christmas in Glasgow with my Dad. We had that nice dinner at my cousin's house and I enjoyed every permitted mouthful! (Had melon, blueberries and cream as 'pudding' - a treat I relished).

9lb lost during December. A real indicator that Atkins is the way forward for me and for so many others. However long it may take now to lose the remaining pounds I will persevere and enjoy every day.

Have a wonderful New Year, everyone!


running strictly on fat!
WOW! you managed to lose over Xmas period??? Talking about being focused!!! You go girl - let's make this year our best year ever xxx
You too hun!

I am now in pre-maintenance, and just realising how scary that might be lol.

I have to add carbs at 10g per day, for a week at a time, and monitor any gains, losses or STSs. This will be taxing cos I felt safe in Ongoing Weight Loss, more or less. Now I have to deal with perhaps not losing for extended periods, on purpose!

It is a vital part of the plan however so I must grin and bear it.

Still love low carbing and only wish I'd looked into it this seriously years back!


running strictly on fat!
Well done hun. I know that maintaing is the most difficult part.
But you know it's well worth it - loving ur attitude xxx

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