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losing weight from boobs

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Hi All,
My boobs are really big.... 36C-D. They make me look fatter.

I am wondering if any of you know how to lose weight from the boobs. Also, they've become lose and saggy...how can I make them firm again? I am 28 and 5'4 in height. I weigh 68 kgs now. About 8kgs over my ideal weight.

Please pour in your suggestions.

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ive found that I have lost weight from my boobs. it seems to be one of the 1st places that I lose it from even though I dont want too lol. You could try some exercise to tone the area? That has definetly helped me especially from my back but then again I do have alot more weight to lose than you xx
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hi tulipz, I am like sparkles and my boobs are the first place where I lose weight! I have only been on weight watchers a few weeks and my bra is looser! I suggest toning exercises to firm up.

Sharkbait1983 x
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my boobs were a lot bigger (38G), and ive gone down about 4 cup sizes , but am due to be measured this week.. anyway... I do lots of exercise and they have toned up a lot. unfortunatley when losing weight you can't spot reduce where you lose weight from.
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My boobs are really big.... 36C-D.
That's not really big, it's fairly average. :confused:

I was a 38G when I started, I'm now nearly 5 stone lighter and a 34F/G (depending on make & style!)

I quite like that I've kept my big boobs actually, although these days they are droopier than they used to be! :eek:

Your bmi at the moment is only just over 25 so you are not even "that" overweight.

I think you need to do a bit more exercise to tone yourself up, and get some better underwear!

Just Peachy

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Honestly, that's smack on average, you're fine. Maybe they look bigger on you cos you're a bit short but it's not shocking. If you go to the gym, there is a machine that tones your pectoral muscles (under your breasts) and it'll make them hold better so they might be less saggy. A good bra is also good, if you have one where the straps cross of tie in together in the back then that'll give you better support. They say you usually lose weight from the top down, so your boobs will definitely go first. Just try to lose some weight and I'm sure you'll be fine :) So many girls would kill for 36D's!


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I would also love to have boobs your size! I'm 40E just now...and I'd be happy to get to finally a 36C. That would be ideal. Just now when I run, occasionally I feel awkward. Mine are also a bit saggy, but I'm hoping to tone up using the machines at the gym a bit :)
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Unfortunately, despite what some manufacturers of exercise gizmos would like us to believe, it is not possible to 'spot reduce' and fat will go from wherever it wants, there's just no way to selectively shed unwanted weight. Many women complain that as they lose weight their boobs also shrink, this is certainly the case for my sister who had large norks at one time but now she's even thinner they are a perky handful. I know most women prefer to have a bit up top but I am like you and wish they were smaller and perkier, I am also 5'4-5'5 so perhaps it's our height....
I agree with pp that you haven't go massive boobs, they are a nice size and nicer bras might give you a lovely shape. Sounds like you are within spitting range of your ideal figure so don't ruin it by obsessing about your baps or any other bit, make the most of the shape you have.

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