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loss gain loss gain

Hi all
My last 6 weigh ins have been as follows
loss 1lb
gain 1lb
loss 4.5lb
gain 1.5lb
loss 4lb
gain 2.5lb :mad::sigh:

overall I have lost 4.5lb over the last 6 weigh ins which I am reasonably pleased about but how can i try to ensure consistent losses. I am eating the same varieties and amounts of foods each week and am unsure as to what I can do to give me a 1-2lb loss each week rather than the yo-yoing that is taking place as it is now getting me down.
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Keep on Truckin'
The main thing is that you have established that there is a downward trend and that's great! I know it must be frustrating having that pattern of losses but at least it's going! From your stats, it seems you don't have a huge amount to lose so maybe it will be harder for you than for some, as most peoples losses seem to slow in the last stages. All I can suggest is perhaps varying the foods you eat a bit, have a whole week of stuff you've not made before? Or if you mainly do EE, try red days or green days instead? Up til this week I've mainly done EE or Green days but this week to shake up my weight a bit, I'm doing a week of red and so far things are looking good, I don't like red days but it's making me think about what I eat more and it's back to being like a new starter!

Hopefully someone else will be along soon with some wise words and good advice, but til then, good luck :fingerscrossed:


Lover of Extra Easy
We had this discussion in group last week.
It appears that some people do follow the trend of lose one week and gain the next.
Some people lose every week, and others, like me, tend to lose for two or three weeks and then have a STS or a slight gain.
We are all different, but if you stick to plan and have lots of superfree foods, you will lose long term.
Good luck...your weight loss is good, anyway!
Well done on your weight loss. I was going to say the same as the others, it's probably your pattern and as long as the general trend is down, don't worry about it(easier said then done I know) xx
I think its very common...a women in our group is the same...must just be how her body works..Hope it works out for you x x

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