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Loss of appetite and feeling bored!


I ate my willpower!
I really love being on SW but for the last few days I have been really bored with the whole thing and as a result I have lost my appetite. I only usually eat 2 meals a day but I am nearly down to 1!

At about midday I had chips, eggs, beans, quorn sausages and a HEXB bacon but I didn't eat it all. And now dinner is upon us and there is just nothing I feel like eating.

I try and vary my diet as much as possible and it's not that I want to order a takeaway or anything, I just dont want anything at all.

Has anyone else gone through periods like this whilst doing SW?
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Hi Angel
maybe just a bad day or you are still full from lunch ..i find i eat my largest meal at lunchtime ..really fill up on free food and never want much rest of the day ...keep going girl your doing brilliant


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i felt a bit like this yesterday but i realised i hadnt drank alot of water. i think i was tired aswell which didnt help. hope you feel up to eating something soon xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i get like that too. when i feel like that i go shopping and buy loads of SW friendly food. if all else fails have a takeaway! i normally have a mushroom chow mein or mushroom curry with rice :) yum!


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I felt like that yesterday and didn't eat a 'proper' meal all day. Couldn't be bothered and there was nothing I really wanted.

I think it's totally understandable that diet fatigue will set it, but it could be worse you could be reaching for the chocolate and biscuits!

Keep it up tho, as you are doing sooo well.

Hope you feel better soon

I'm having this too. I don't think you are necessarily losing your appetite, I think your body is just feeling fuller and more satisfied with what you are eating, and your brain knows if you want to "Boredom eat or comfort eat" or whatever, that it has plenty of food to snack on should you choose to.

I was looking at my diary and even though I am only on Day 9, my food consumption has decreased.

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