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Lost 10lbs then fell off the wagon!

Hello all, this is my first post, however I have been reading this forum for the past few weeks now.
Anyway, I started on Lipotrim (male) last Wednesday (7th May), with a start weight of 18st 12lbs. I weighed myself today and I was 18st 2lbs!! Fantastic, a 10lbs loss in 6 days!!! But then I went and blew it all, I couldn't hold out any longer, I had a chippy tea. Chips, pie and three pieces of bread, then to top it off I had a little milk.
I'm hoping to just forget about it, and put it behind me as I feel really guilty now. I had a sachet a short time later, which means I have had the proper food and one sachet today. What should I do. I'm wanting to just continue, but I don't know what this setback will do to me.

Am I going to come out of "Ketosis"? Am I going to put any weight back on? Should I have the second sachet aswell?

Please advise.
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yep, deffinatley out of ketosis, you cant eat **** like that and expect to plod on you aint doing yourself any favours, your throwing ya money away. make a clean start and get your head down!
same trip again as far as I know!


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Yeah prob same again hun..just forget all about it drink loads of water and dont do it again xxx


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Just pick yourself up Dave and go for it again..if you want to lose weight then stick at it xx
your def out of ketosis after eating all that sorry!! it will be like starting all over again, 2/3days for ketosis to kick in id say! dont have anything else today start drinking water and just get back to it tomorrow :)


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yip, probably another 4 days. Get focused and start again, you started a day after me, I'll egg ya on! ;)
Hey, Forget it... it's done. Start again and you'll be fine. On my third week, i ate soemthing and came out ketosis, I didn't lose that week but I learnt a lesson NOT to do it again. If you are really determined you can put this behind you and move on xx Goodluck :D


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Not sure Dave you may gain but may not if you just carry on! xx


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Tracy is right! It's done with now hun. I know your feeling guilty but there isn't much point in getting fed up about it. You might have slipped out of ketosis but your not going to have put 10lbs back on by eating that now are you! Thats a great loss regardless of what you've just eaten!

Accept that it's done with and get back on it tomorrow! The worst thing you could do would be to give up and you know you can do it cos you managed 6 days :) xx


Says it as it is!!!
You might still see a drop ; but you have probably halfed it!!! you ate sh**e loads of carbs and fat in that meal so you would have restored some of your stores and like the guys said you will have to wait again the same amount of time for keotosis.....that being said good luck on your weigh in STOP cheating and drink loadsa water x
When is you offical WI?
I cant get my head round why you would stuff ya sen with all that and think that you wouldnt be on a downer. You need to learn from it, put it behind you and move forward, dont get me wrong I could kill a KFC and the like, like ant man but you have to rise above it.
If you havent already read the post by Jackie called provoking thoughts, its a good read...................but then the post turns into smut, the girls on here are bad!


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We are very very bad! We will take ya mind of chips Dave lol x


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Lol now how can you possibly refuse an offer like that Dave?!xx
here here xxx

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