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Lost 5lb, Now on 2nd Week

Hi my name is Karen, i'm on my 2nd week of Lt, and i lost 5lb on my first weigh in. I'm trying chicken soup this week in the hope of putting it in a bowl so it feels like a real meal. When the going gets tough i think about the many times that i have forced on an evening out and stood crying:cry: in front of the mirror because nothing fits so end up going out in the equivalent of a black bin liner. I decided at christmas to lose weight and here i am in March not a pound lighter so LT was the last straw, and i know if it stick to it, it will work. I have my daughters graduation in June and i have promised her that i will be back to my former self before all the heart ache that made me put the weight on in the first place, so if there is anybody that can lend a hand of encouragement i would be very grateful, thanks, Karen x :wave_cry:x
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Hey Karen, good on you for getting to week 2! I'm there too.
I hate deadlines, and sabotage myself so much with them. But even 10 pounds down I feel so much better. It really changes everything to feel lighter physically, not have everything be an effort or even painful, a little bit lighter and exercise is possible again, with that comes the flexibility, so all these rewards happen just about right away.
Let's keep going as long as we can.
I'm off for my soup now too, or what......mocha? hmm the variety is endless
Thanks for that Macabar, i can feel a difference even with 5lb, i keep thinking its like dropping 2 and a half bags of sugar off and for you more than 5 bags and imagine carrying 5 bags of sugar home from shopping, thats heavy, no wonder you can feel the difference. I can also see the difference in my skin which seems much clearer now i'm not eating rubbish. Oh god, Jamie's 30 minute meals has just started on teli so i will have to turn it over, simply cant listen to Jamie talking about the delights of food !!
thats a great start! I am also in my 2nd week, June is my goal month as I am turning 30 an want to start my 30's alot skinner lets hope I can keep the will power!!

I had the soup and blending it makes it taste better! I had a flapjack yesterday and they are so bad, going back to the chemist tomorrow to change them for more shakes!!




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Hi there, well done on getting through to your second week, are are through the worst of it now and will sail through the rest!!!
June is a very good, realistic target too!!
As long as you are 100% the weight will fall off and you will see results fast which is great. Im into my third week now but am re-feeding as i dont have access to more LT for another few weeks which im gutted about!!
If you have a moment where you are thinking that you cant do it or its too hard or you have something you want to say and get it off your chest, i come on here..... i spend hours a day on here and the time passes before you notice :)
Hi Lainey,yes i'v heard about those cardboard bars, gross. I have bought some peppermint t-bags this week and hot or cold, its really nice added to a chocolate shake (I prefer cold) Also i add a teaspoon of coffee to vanilla and blend with hot water and a sweetener and have 2 frothy coffees, that tends to make the day go quicker x
Wow i'v just discovered that if i use a little t-cup and make a coffee in it with a sweetener, i can add a teaspoon of vanilla (as if it was coffee whitener) and blend it , sooo lovely and i can have as many of them as i want until the vanilla runs out, Bliss !!
Hi Karen, I find the chicken soup ok, I’ve tried it out of a bowl and I don’t think it works, it’s basically to watery.

However out of a large cup (cup-a-soup style) it actually quite nice, feel like a real meal. I also have cold hands so warming them on the cup is great.

Well done on getting to week 2 and remember 5 lbs in one week!
Glad you like my coffee idea Leluna xx
and yes your right nomorepie, it is too watery for a bowl and the urge to dip bread into it is overwhelming so i will stick to a cup, Congratulations on losing a whole stone !!
Hi does anybody know how i can upload a profile picture, i cant seem to do it ??
Best of luck with it. In a few weeks you'll see such a change in yourself - I think that's the best thing about LT!
I did this before and what I found is that I was alot thinner at a higher weight than I'd ever been before. For various (work & personal) reasons, I put back on the weight.
This time I've set my target differently and I have a pair of jeans I want to fit comfortably back into - once I can do that, I'm there.
If you have anything that you remember looking good in, set that as your target, you might be pleasantly surprised that you get into it faster than you think!!!
Thanks Frankiec, i do have a very tight pair of jeans that used to fit lovely, it will be really satisfying to get back into them, i am also getting my son to take a photo of me every fortnight in the same jeans and white t~shirt, so it will be great to see the difference xx

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Oooowa ull have to post ur photos so we can see too! My hubby did loads of yukky before photos! Yuk yuk cant wait for next lot to be done xx
Wow you did really well, starting weight only 12.5 and losing 7.5 first week, thats brilliant. well done, xx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Awww thanks hunny we are all doing brilliantly this is so much better than body bleddy magic at slimming world! LT is almost a healing of the mind diet. We are all battling our own demons and being away from food completely helps you to work out where we are all going wrobf. I love it! Cant wait to be 9 stone something! :) havent been that low since before i had my daughter 12 years ago. My hubby says i been on a 12 year diet with SW and WW and have only put more and more on so in the long run that sh!t doesnt work for me! Its funny the same people go to SW year after year all still looking exactly the same weight. My Aunty encouraged me to do LT she lost 6 stone in 6 months and looks incredible. That will be us soon :)
Yes Champers, i know what you mean, i decided at christmas to lose weight and here we are in March and i'm not a pound lighter. So LT was the only answer, it definately works so its worth sticking to, imagine the difference in your aunt, 6 stone lighter, amazing !! Cant wait to be able to put some pics up, think you have to have done 50 replys before your allowed to put any up, Do you know how to add a profile picture that everyone seems to have ??

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I think you go into cp and edit profile and theres an option to add profile picture but the button isnt highlighted for me to add a pic. Im not sure if its coz im accessing via my iphone or if i need more posts first...
When you post something at the left hand side of your post you should be able to see 'add avatar' which is your profile pic. Then in 'update statistics' you can go through and add a signature which is either a ticker (from an external site) and goals and stuff like that....
there is a sticky on it if you look :)

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