Lost 6 stone so far, 3 stone left to go

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by kev1973, 21 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Hi all. I have been on diet since jun 11, and so far lost 6st 4lb. Started running 3 times a week and feeling so much better, only got another 3 stone left to go to reach target weight :)
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  3. BLG

    BLG Member

    Congrats on your loss. You did brill. Hope you succeed in the rest of your goal :) xx
  4. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Well done so far - keep going:)
  5. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Thanks guys, really determined to get down to goal weight, but my main target initally was to start running again. I'm now doing 3 - 5 mile every 3 times a week, doing my 2nd 10k race in June, and 1st half marathon for approx 19 years in October this year! :)
  6. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Another 2lb gone this morning, good loss after 3 or 4 weeks losing the odd pound and staying same :)
  7. Kaytea

    Kaytea Full Member

    Fantastic loss so far! Good luck for your future losses!
  8. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Did my first race with running club last night, 5k (3.1 miles) 29 mins 47 secs :) very pleased because i had tried to set myself a target of getting under 30 mins.
  9. kaz66

    kaz66 Full Member

    Well done
    you have done so well

  10. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Weigh in day tomorrow, fingers crossed for a loss, need 1 more lb for the 6 and half stone, or anything over would make me 15st something, which i really cannot remember the last time i was, lol.
  11. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Another 2lb gone at weigh in today, thats just over 6 and half stone gone :) and actually under 16st for 1st time that i can remember :)
  12. Downtown

    Downtown Full Member

    Superb news Kev great milestone
  13. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Another 2lb off this week, increased calories due to the running and now back to losing 2lb a week :) Only 6lb off losing 100lb now :)
  14. LeaLeaDoll

    LeaLeaDoll Member

    Wow Kev that's really great, helps me stay motivated :D
  15. BigBurd

    BigBurd Full Member

    That is an amazing loss in that time!! thanks for sharing :)
  16. richwood

    richwood Member

    [​IMG]Well done so far - keep going.
  17. kev1973

    kev1973 Member

    Thanks for the support everyone :)
  18. Bekkrawr

    Bekkrawr Member

    wow well done! I also need to lose over 6 stone, feels forever away but people like you make me know I can do it :)
  19. Ann345

    Ann345 Member

    Good work keep it up
  20. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    great news, I am aiming at getitng 6 stone off and am almost at the two stone mark, great story, especially as it's from a 6-1 man!
  21. 140Aimee

    140Aimee Full Member

    Well done! Fantastic weight loss. :)

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