lost 9lb in 1st week, help keep me motivated!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by marzipanda, 15 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    So, uh...I'm new to this so excuse my newbie ways! Lol
    Over the past year I have said to myself I'm going to get into shape...and as I have said this I have, into the shape and size of a planet! Lol.
    Anyway, I put on 3 stone and wish to lose it and a bit more.
    My diet supposedly started on the 3rd Jan but in that 1st week there was still Xmas food to eat so I really started the week after, and in 7 days I lost 9lbs.

    so I'd love to hear about how well you are doing ? What's your approach etc.
    Hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow and away from baddies! X
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  3. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Keep up the good work!! you are motivating all who read your post!!
  4. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Thats fab. I only had a 4lbs loss in my first week. What diet are you on? Give me tips! haha
  5. I too am a newbie like yourself! Congratulations on your success within the first week, I had a good first week on Slimming World (At home) and managed to lose 7lbs which I was absolutely shocked with and very pleased! I think I do have quite a bit to lose from 17st so perhaps that's worked to my advantage the first week.

    Many congratulations again! Here's to the rest of the weight shifted hey! :cool:
  6. slimboyfat

    slimboyfat New Member

    Brilliant first week loss - well done. Remember to use your Syns and don't just restrict yourself to free foods! ;)
  7. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    Thanks everyone! Just stepped on the scales again even though I shouldn't have 2 days early! Naughty! But yeah, much to my surprise I've lost a further 3 pounds! So chuffed!

    I tried sw from home but just didn't feel like I was dieting so stopped that, probably could have stuck to it if I could afford the meetings though. I'm currently doing Cambridge diet and have nearly finished stage 1! I've altered it a little bit though so I'm actually doing 1 day on shake and soup pouches and the next day a healthy meal with LOTS OF VEGGIES! People tell me not to do it like that because I wont get the full effects like I would if I did soup and shake every day but I gotta say I'm chuffed with the results so far! Thanks people. X
  8. Naughty I was scolded by my mother for stepping on the scales between weekly weigh-ins I was strongly advised against it lol. :eek:
  9. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I know I'm naughty! My partner will have to hide the scales from me between weekly weigh in! Lol x
  10. jadelang88

    jadelang88 Full Member

    Wow! 2day is my first day :) I so hope I loose that much weight this week! That amount will motivate me for defo lol xx
  11. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    Had a bit of a naughty night tonight! Nothing top heavy just some cheese and crackers but I'm feeling very guilty now! Still in a calorie deficit and at least it wasn't chocolate like I reaaally wanted! Lol. X
  12. caaatrin

    caaatrin Member

    Wow! Comgratulations on your first weigh in! That really is inspiring!
  13. Tracey collyer

    Tracey collyer New Member

    Who's doin intermittent fasting ?
  14. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I can't believe it!! Just over a stone lost! I can "sorta" see a difference, but not too sure if that's just because I want to see a difference lol.
    So so so happy I'm now 11 stone 13.4lbs!! Keep going everyone! Xx
  15. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I am struggling at the minute! I've done really well and lost over a stone so far but today I weighed myself (its TTOTM) and I had gained 5 lbs in a day. I know this is just water weight etc but it knocked me and tonight we ordered a pizza... Each! Feeling so guilty because I didn't even enjoy it :( I am going to work extra hard tomorrow with exercise and hope I can do some sort of damage control! I've literally just downed a litre of water to try and flush out the salt and badsies of the pizza. I'm so dissapointed but hoping that that's the pizza craving out of the system for a while.
  16. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Don't keep going on the scale!! Couple good days of proper eating and you'll be on track again.
  17. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    Yeah I'm not gonna weigh myself until the day after its finished so ive got 4 days to get back on track and fingers crossed i might even make a loss! I've got hold of some zumba dvds so will be occupying my brain with them :) x
  18. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    So since ttotm I haven't managed to shed the 5lb gained overnight because of it!! I'm at 11st. 13.4lb, so ive shed some of it but today I'm starting with a fresh mind set. Focussing on the fact that I'm still in the 11s even if it is only just! Going to work hard the rest of the week and weigh in will be on friday. wish me luck?
  19. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Good Luck!!!! you are doing really well! :wavey:
  20. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    Thanks, feeling back on track after yesterday! You're doing great also.
  21. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    OK... WHAT THE F### IS WRONG WITH ME?!?! Why have I fallen off the wagon?! I just can't seem to get back on after ttotm! So frustrating! I think I need to make some soup and eat that today! My problem is when I did the food shop I thought it was a good idea to have things like bread(ww) peanut butter and a little choc for when you deserve a treat or something but it backfired! I ate the whole loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter in 2 days! And obviously the choc didn't survive! So! I actually have no choice but to get back on it now there's no bad stuff! I feel better knowing there's nothing to tempt me. The only thing I've got is jelly, low cal of course. It really helped me in the first 3 weeks, obviously coz I did so well! So the next 3 weeks will be a success too!! Wish me luck! My mini Feb challenge is to get to 11 stone exactly! Hopefully be a little more into the 10s but 11st minimum goal!

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