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lost inches x


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well,last week i took my measurements(should have done that at begining).
today i have measured myself and in a week i have lost an inch from each arm,each thigh,tummy and hips:D
6 inches in a week!amazed :eek:
dunno if the vibro plate is helping but its defo gonna become my new best friend(just in case)lol x
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I wish id taken my starting measurements. i will do it later!!!
Well done!
Tried the vibroplates before, they are great fun lol!!!
hope you are well
sunny x


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ta x
yeah they're fun lol x very easy to do if they actually work.
i am gutted i didn't do my measurement before i started lipotrim though as all my jeans and tops were hanging off me last week.
oh well,cant change that fact now.
hope your doing well x


I will be skinny again!!!
thats great! heard good reports about these things, definatly need to invest in one of these x
YAY for lost inches :D

I`ve not bothered but I`m in size 14 jeans from size 20 so I know i`ve lost some lol x

Wahey that's great Tafflass! 6 inches in a week is amazing, if you think of those inches in a straight line then that is a big loss.

Wish I would have measured myself before I started but it's too scary. I suppose I still could as I don't think I've changed much, my bellies are less hard but that's about it.

I am looking to buy a vibro this week but don't know which one to go for? What do you have? I've heard so many good reports about them. There are so many and reading through reviews drives me crackers.
i bought one on my next account.was £99.got a twist disc on it too so you can twist fast for cardio or slow(as i do)to shape my waist.you can also just stand on it and do nothing.
i think the price for it was really good and would recommend it.its easily stored too unlike some x

thanks for the kind words all x
Ooh I didn't know Next did exercise equipment, I never get passed the kids clothes or the homeware. I must go looky as that is a good recommendation from you and it's a good price as the ones I was looking at were around the £300 mark.

I'll go look now. Thank you!
It looks good although it does look small, will I fit on it?! Can I use it for arm exercises? Do you do sit up squats and that on it?

Sorry for all the questions! X
it is small.i'm not at all little and i'm ok on it.
didn't come with any exercise instructions so i just made it up.
your arms vibrate while holding on and i bend my arms at the elbows.i also do the twisting or i bend my knees.
the other reviews were good on it too and apparently does the job as well as an expensive one x

Thats a fab loss!! You must be so proud!

In total i've lost 4 inches off my bust (Damn!!) 6 inches off my waist, 4 off my hips and 3 off my calves. Not sure about my thighs but they dont rub together anymore! Result! lol.

Thats a fab loss!! You must be so proud!

In total i've lost 4 inches off my bust (Damn!!) 6 inches off my waist, 4 off my hips and 3 off my calves. Not sure about my thighs but they dont rub together anymore! Result! lol.
wow!!thats brilliant x
think it helps mentally seeing the inches dropping off x
cant wait for my legs not to rub.must be great lol x
Sounds great and the reviews from the site are great. I'll show it to 'im indoors and see what he thinks as it was his idea to get one as his ass is huge. Thanks for all the info!

I think if you go to youtube you can see some videos of people showing what exercises you can do them but you're doing so well with your own!

Becki, your inch loss is also brilliant. Ah bliss not to have the old thighs rub, and I'm praying for my boobs to lose inches!
Thank you all! It is heaven not to have them rub together! Waited long enough. Was a size 8 after LT last time before getting pregnant.

I'll claim any inches for my bust! After stopping breastfeeding my baba Ive dropped 3 sizes! Gutted.
You Sure can! Hate the bloody things. Would love them reduced but I'll see how they are once I lose the weight to decide. I was born wearing a bra so I doubt they'll shrink.

You're so lucky having a nice handful. Suppose we've never happy with what we've got, we always want what someone else has!
true x
i just had a look at the youtube vids and you cant do things like the wide squats and stuff.you could get on the floor and do the hand stuff(i'd imagine anyway,not tried it)you can only stand on the turn disc part,no room to stand on the flat yellow part.
maybe try the next one up in next.

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