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Lost it and kept it off???

Sorry you've had no replys hun, not that I can help you much I'm still on my way down weight wise. There are a few regulars (and irregulars!:D) here that have lost it all and kept it off. A great example is Mike (icemoose) if you look him up you should be able to see before and after piccies of him in his album.


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Thanks hun. I know Mike lost a LOT and has done amazingly well keeping it off. It just seems (and this is only my opinion, so i don't want to offend anyone and i'm not slagging off the diet) that a lot of people lose the weight & then have to go back on CD because they haven't been able to keep it off. I also understand that this happens on lots of other diets too, but i just wondered how many people have actually managed to keep it off without reverting back to ss.


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I think if you tackle the issues that made you overweight in the first place (mine is emotional eating in the evening) then there is a better chance of keeping it off. It goes without saying if you do CD but dont actually change anything you will put the weight back on.


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Mike (Icemoose) and KD have kept it off without resorting to CD.

I use CD now and again, to keep an eye on things, and I believe Summerskye does the same too.

Porgeous has also kept her weight off without having to resort to CD.

Sorry if I have missed anyone else, but those are the ones that sprung to mind.
i lost 4 stones and now use CD once or twice a year to keep it off

not ideal, but i love food and find CD the ideal way to enjoy life and still keep slim - ish



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Hi I lost 6 stone with LL and then CD and have kept it off since last October.


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i lost 4st last year with CD and in a year put on 24lb but that was down to finding out my youngest is special needs and i was using food as a crutch. But i'm glad i nipped it in the bud and i'm now back on cd to lose the last lot.


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I lost it with VLCD but haven't been on a diet now since April 2006.

Key for me was getting rid of the emotional benefit I got from food.

I still eat nice things now but I never eat because of the reasons I used to i.e. bored, comfort, stress etc.


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