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Lost it BIG TIME


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I am soooo cross with myself, having been in control for weeks now we went on a team day at work which included a meal (paid for) I selected a (small)prawn salad which I thought was the healthiest option. It was HUGE, pasta, rice, beans coleslaw potatoe salad..... but very yummy. I ate it all and then had stomach ache!

i took the dessert (home-made organic farm type) home for the OH and just tasted a teaspoon ful.

Thought I won't have any CDs today or eat anything else.
OH was out all evening, I got hungry and yes went on a food rampage... ate just about everything I have been avoidu=ing since April .. all in one go!!!!

Why I keep asking myself did I do that??? Why did I say well you have blown it today so do it in style?
I am so dissapointed and cross with myself:break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:

I had terrible stomach cramps all night (serves me right)

I have picked up the thread today and am on 1000 back to weighing portions.

It is worrying though, I thought I had it cracked, will I ever eat 'normally' again?

Just weary and feeling very dispondent. The only good thing is CDC is away so I have another week before WI. Hope I did not do too much damage..... enough of my moans:cry:
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Just wanted to say, I am on 12000 and have done exactly the same on a couple of occasions. i think we will always struggle but try not to beat yourself up to much (i know its hard). I think i will struggle everyday!

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Oh hun, it's such an awful feeling after isn't it. But you just have to stop beating yourself up and go forward. We started at the same time and you've lost a huge 35lbs...that's amazing. I think most of us have fallen off the wagon as they say.....at some stage. It's fine just keep going.

Get back on track first thing, drink loads of water. These things make us stronger. you've done so well so try not to be disheartened.

Yes you will be able to eat 'normally' again..... just think why it happened and try not falling into the trap again.

You'll feel better after a good sleep , hugs x


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I did the same on Saturday but without the self control bit whilst out first, I put on 3lbs but 2 disappeared within a day or two, so overall I was lucky I think.

Don't be too hard on yourself, I guess it wasn't good to have the binge at home however you did choose well when you were out, so that was good (it wasn't your fault the portion was too big and you didn't scoff the pudding like I would have done). It's all part of the learning process, perhaps 12 months ago, you would have eaten the same and thought nothing of it.

I think it's a good idea to have the shakes even when you eat out, I think that they have something in them that helps you feel less hungry. I've been finding 810 really hard to do and have been snacking but realised that I hadn't been having enough shakes, I corrected that and drank more water and it's been a lot easier because suddenly I don't feel hungry again. No proof in this.


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