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  1. lamaris

    lamaris Member

    Cambridge SS
    I had my first weigh-in today, after 4 days of ss (I started on monday!). I lost 6 lbs but my fat percentage was up with 1%. I lost zero fat weight.

    Is this normal for the first week?
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  3. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i dont really understand? i didnt know that was possible what the difference between weight and fat percentage??

    people have said to me before do you wanna lose weight or fat?? i thought it was all the same thing :confused: how do you lose one and not the other
  4. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

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    Cambridge Soul Source
    you loose all your water and fat stores in the first week, that is why.. it is mainly water loss.
  5. lamaris

    lamaris Member

    Cambridge SS
    There is a big diff.
    The fact that I didn't lose fat, means that I only lost either fluid or lean tissue (=muscles).
    But since i'm in week 1 I think I only lost water!
  6. lamaris

    lamaris Member

    Cambridge SS
    My counsellor has a special scale, which also measures the fat-percentage of the body. It works by sending an electrical current through your body (you don't feel this).
    Don't you all get a chart with all kinds of detailed stats at your weigh-in session?
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    The trouble with these fat monitors, is that they are often no terribly accurate.

    They give an idea of fat, but not within 100%.

    During the first week, you probably will lose some fat, though the majority of the loss will be water/glycogen (or just water for those doing more traditional diets such as WW and SW.

    When we diet, after the first couple of weeks all dieters lose fat and lean mass (yes...muscle :()

    How much lean mass depends on a few factors, including how much fat you have to lose. The skinnier you get, the more chance that you lose more lean.

    With diets such as Cambridge, the loss of lean mass is minimized owing to the higher protein levels and because we go into ketosis :clap:

    Ketosis is fat burning once the glycogen stores have been used :)
  8. wannabeskinny

    wannabeskinny Silver Member

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    i agreed probably water loss
  9. greenygirl

    greenygirl Full Member

    Hi there, I was also concerned about fat % loss rather than lean muscle (since muscles burn calories and fat just sits there looking fat) I have scales at home and they have today (day 6 for me) shown a reduction in my fat % so I am sure when you weigh next week you will see that reduction you want. Do you do weight training or yoga as that can help to protect your muscle mass.

    Well done on your WL so far
  10. lamaris

    lamaris Member

    Cambridge SS
    Ah, that sounds hopeful, greenygirl!
    Today is my 6th day as well. Again, I lost a pound, but my fat% hasn't changed.
    I think I will start working out, then. I absolutely don't want to lose muscle tissue!
  11. cissie

    cissie Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I agree it probably is water loss as this happens on any diet like ww for example but if you keep going the fat percentage will come down also. Keep with it you have done well so far. xx
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