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  1. becky1986

    becky1986 Member

    Hi all I have around 10 stone to loose and I don't no how to do it my choice is between sw, ww, calorie counting and 5:2 im desperate to loose the weight as it's getting me down and I hate it. Im a emotional eater so if im sad which is most the time I eat to make me feel better to celebrate I eat its a hard thing to stop! I have asked on a lot of weight to loose and no one has replied :( hopefully some of you lovely people can help
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Oh Hun, you sound so disheartened. Don't feel down, remember asking for help and setting a plan are the first steps, you're trying, that's what matters.

    Personally, though if you ask anyone they're biased towards their own diet, I'd say Slimming world, purely because it really is a diet for people who like to eat, especially as a lot of us have issues with comfort eating, if you need to eat, you really can. You might find with 5:2 (don't mean to offend anyone) that on your fast days if you're a comfort eater, they'll make you want to eat junk on the other days to compensate.

    If you need any help, feel free to ask, people here (whatever diet you chose) are so supportive.
  4. Leedslass_juiceplus

    Leedslass_juiceplus New Member

    You need to do the diet that is right for you, its not just about the diet but you need to know that there is the right support there if you decide to do that diet,there's nothing worse than starting a diet and thinking am I eating the right food? Or having a bad day and not having a person there to give you the willpower you need.

    I'm currently doing the Juice Plus plan (shakes, healthy meal and snacks), I have already lost a lot of weight on it, however now it is January I'm having a pure detox on the diet as I absolutely swear by it. I don't even see it as a diet but a lifestyle change. Within the support group a guy lost 10 stone, so it just shows that is doable to lose a lot of weight on the plan.

    Please free to message me or post on here more questions and I'll happily help.
  5. Emz3

    Emz3 New Member

    Hi I'm a newbie and I am like you, I'm 5ft 3 and 17st 2lbs, so about 6.5 st to lose....more than others and not as much as some, I know but it's my struggle
    I lay in bed crying last night, thinking the only thing for me was to run away but the fighter in me decided that I'm staying and I'm going to fight the bulge. I also comfort eat, sometimes I feel it's the only friend I have but as of today I am going to follow the slimming world diet, I'm not at a group as I can't afford it but I've all the books and this time I'm fighting whole heartedly.
    I like sw as I can eat big portions and I don't feel starved.
    I'm also going to set up the wii when my 3 kids go back to school and use that as my exercise, I have a strange fear of exercise, in the past when I've exercised I've taken asthma attacks so I link the two.
    This is the first day of my journey and I feel like I'm on the right path, sw is my way forward and I think it could be a good choice for you too, good luck x
  6. becky1986

    becky1986 Member

    Thanks for your replies and emz3 you sound like me except im about 20 stone ive done sw before and enjoyed it then ww gave me the freedom to eat what I want but maybe thats a problem? ? This is my dilemma
  7. Emz3

    Emz3 New Member

    Hi, I know you have more to lose but this is the first step, I personally didn't like we because I found myself eating frozen meals and lets face it they can be healthy and I was constantly eating the sweets, I had a great day doing sw yesterday and I have my meal planner done out for today, the only way I'll get there I by planning.

    i want to be more confident, I would like to go out with my friends, I would like to change my job but I always think, who in they're right mind would employ me....this is my year to make a change, make me happier and I'm sure it'll make my family happier too

    you can make this year yours too, I'll share it with you, lol

    good luck with your journey xx
  8. CharliPag

    CharliPag Full Member

    Hiya, I have 11st 6lb to loose. I know when it's such a large amount it feels like a massive unachievable task. But, I've read some truly inspirational stuff on here. I've gone with Slimming World as I feel it seems a healthy long term diet for people who love food. Good luck, always here for support x

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